Tim Hesselbrock and son Jon

Diary of Tim Hesselbrock – Week 4- Jan. 17-22, 2011

Monday, January 17

Hauled soybeans to Consolidated Grain. As the committee chair for the Butler County Farm Bureau scholarship committee, I contacted Cathy at the Farm Bureau office about the status of our meeting, also inquired about our Workers’ Compensation safety meeting.  

Tuesday, January 18

Markets still slightly higher than before. Less grain worldwide and more production problems elsewhere in the world are helping to strenthen the markets. Weather not cooperating, I will have to wait until tomorrow to haul grain. Cleared snow from driveway on farm in Indiana so I can get to the grain bins.

Wednesday, January 19

Loaded soybeans in Indiana today. Roads still snow covered out there except for the state route. Loaded second load, but it was too late to haul down to the river. I will have to wait until Thursday to haul this load.

Thursday, January 20

More snow today. The roads are bad  and I will have to wait to deliver soybeans. Markets move lower today. Profit taking still a good price for crops. Hope it comes back. Did I ever mention that farmers are optimists? Why else would we spend all that money to throw it out there in the ground and hope it rains this summer so we have something to sell? Then we start the same crazy cycle all over again.

Friday, January 21

Roads look bad this morning. Maybe they will melt off enough by noon to deliver soybeans this afternoon. Some side roads still snow covered.

Saturday, January 22

Worked around the shop today. Also helped a friend move. Picked up some parts at Worldwide Equipment in Sharonville.



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