Farm Bureau welcomes USDA biotech decision

Farm Bureau is pleased by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s announcement that the Agriculture Department will fully deregulate Roundup Ready alfalfa, American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman said.

“The decision follows the completion of the comprehensive environmental impact statement conducted by USDA that analyzed the potential environmental impact of Roundup Ready alfalfa, and concluded that it is safe and does not represent a plant pest risk,” Stallman said. “The action is consistent with the department’s statutory authority and the United States’ commitment to a science and risk-based regulatory system for agricultural biotechnology. Decisions based on sound science are the underpinning of U.S. domestic and international biotech policy.”

Stallman said the action by USDA clears up uncertainty for producers and allows them to move forward with planting decisions. “Ensuring farmers and ranchers have access to the latest, proven-safe technology for food production is vital to their productivity in meeting the world’s growing food demand,” he said.

AFBF statement