Central Ohio Farm Doesn’t Create Waste

ONN | November 8, 2010

WEST MANSFIELD, Ohio — After years of farming and millions of eggs, New Day Farms General Manager Steve Bliesner knows one thing.

“We’re a third generation family farm that learned a long time ago that if you take care of the environment, the environment takes care of you,” he said.

Every byproduct is recycled or reused on this farm, ONN’s Harrison Hove reported.

“What we have here is a total biological balance. We don’t produce any waste,” Bliesner said.

New Day Farms uses the latest technology to keep coups cool and dry manure quickly. This keeps insects away, reduces smell, and inhibits bacteria growth.

“That process is then put into a composting process where it’s monitored and conditioned to dry it and make it sellable,” Bliesner explained.

Waste water is recycled and treated before passing through settling lagoons. After testing the water, it’s used for irrigation, Hove reported.

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