Tim Hesselbrock and son Jon

Diary of Tim Hesselbrock – Week 5 – January 24-30, 2011

Monday, January 24

Snow overnight and the roads a mess. Went to IN to get parts from Zimmer Tractor for the backhoe. Roads better this afternoon. Went to load soybeans and clean the bin out. Finished too late to deliver today. Got done in time to make it to the Farm Bureau meeting and membership meeting this evening. After the meeting, I stopped in at the Pier in Ross and played pitch with some friends. I’m often asked why grain prices are so high. The best explanation I can give is that there is worldwide shortages due to weather, more people consuming what we produce, loss of land to development, will all continue to limit production and create shortages.

Tuesday, January 25

Went to a Pioneer Seed plot cooperator meeting at Indiana Downs near Shelbyville, Indiana. The meeting covered new experimentals, triple stack hybrids and pre-mixed refuge for BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) hybrids. BT hybrids control root worms and European corn borer. Also new EPA regulations and penalties for non-compliance or not planting enough refuge corn, which is needed to prevent resistance of the corn borer. The meeting also covered fertilizer rates, micro nutrients, population rates and variable rates in response to the lands productivity. Got back in time to deliver soybeans to Consolidated Grain down on the Ohio River.

Wednesday, January 26

Was going to haul corn but the phase converter broke down and was unable to haul. Called an electrician, he’ll be here tomorrow. Worked on hydraulic cylinders for the backhoe. I repaired three cylinders and installed them on the backhoe.  

Thursday, January 27

Worked around the shop while waiting on the electrician to arrive. The electrician thought the phase converter needed to be rebuilt. So I transferred to the other roto phase converter. Started auger to make sure that the auger ran the right direction. Tomorrow we haul corn. This evening is the regional Farm Bureau meeting in Wilmington. This meeting will cover what I need to do as the Organizational Action Team Leader here in Butler County. We have several public meetings coming up so keep checking our website and also our newsletters sent out to our members.

Friday, January 28

Loaded corn to go to the ethanol plant in Greenville, OH. It took an hour and forty minutes to get there. The roads were awful rough in places. Not sure the .30 cents more a bushel prices difference is worth the drive. Once I got there, everything was easy. Twenty minutes later I was back on the road home. When I got back, I had to pick up a new brake valve, the old one was hanging up this week. I will replace this over the weekend.

Saturday-Sunday, January 29-30

Worked on truck replacing valve. Shortened the exhaust stack in order to fit under augers easier. Put rain cap on top of exhaust. The use of corn for Ethanol has helped farmers and rural communities, but I am always asked why use all that corn to just make ethanol. A bushel of corn can produce 2.5 gallon of ethanol fuel. We get more than ethanol from a bushel of corn, we also get 11.4 pounds of gluten feed which is a high protein feed for livestock. We also get 1.6 pounds of corn oil from that same bushel of corn. Besides the feed and corn oil, a bushel of corn can also produce 32 pounds of starch and 33 pounds of sweetener.  Corn components can be found in thousands of other products – food, drugs, cosmetics and cleansers just to name a few.  I guess some think ethanol is a waste of good alcohol, but it’s the safest way to use it and drive!





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