Casey Family Suffolks

Meet a Farmer – Eggy & Sam Casey and family

Hello from the Casey Family!  My name is Eggy Casey. My husband Sam and I live in Liberty Township. Our son Robbie, age 16, attends Butler Tech and is in the Equine Science program.  Our daughter Barbie, age 25, graduated from Wilmington College and Michigan State University and is a Dairy Nutritionist in Wayne County. We have a small flock of Registered Suffolk Ewes. We have been raising sheep for over 20 years. We also have three horses– two Belgians and one Tennessee Walker. Both of us come from farm families in Butler County.

I have been a 4-H leader for over 20 years and very active in the 4-H program. Our children have developed their passion for agriculture from their 4-H involvement. We are also members of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in West Chester.

Our daily chores include giving grain and throwing hay to the sheep, horses and calves. We put out a large round bale of hay that will last the horses about a week so we don’t have to throw hay every day. In the winter, hay is a treat since the grass is covered. We make sure all the heaters are working in the water tanks so that the animals always have something to drink with no ice. There are no baby lambs yet, but the momma sheep have milk in their udders. This means we have lamb watch. We take turns getting up every few hours to check on the ewes in case they “lamb” or have their babies. We have some ewes (mother sheep) that have never had a baby before and we watch closely on them in case they need help. When the ewes are getting closer to lambing, we don’t like to have them in the same area as the other sheep, so we spend a lot of time moving gates and hauling manure. February is when most of our ewes will have babies and is a very busy month. As you can tell, our family has a love for agriculture and livestock.          

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