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Diary of Eggy Casey- Week 1- February 1-6, 2011

Tuesday February 1

It was an exciting morning. When we heard a little baa at 4 a.m. we knew baby lambs had arrived. We have a monitor in the house to listen for new arrivals. Sam got up to go check on them since this one is a first-time mom. She had twin ram lambs (boys). At about 5:30 we received the first call for school being on a 2 hr. delay, and then about 7 a.m. we got the second call telling us school would be cancelled due to weather conditions. The weather was so bad we had to cancel our 4-H meeting.

Wednesday February 2

Happy Groundhog’s Day. Sam got up early to check on new babies and to feed also. All are doing fine. I had to go to school but Robbie was on a 2 hr. delay. He was supposed to call when he got to school but I hadn’t heard anything so I called him. He said Mom I’m not at school yet, your ewe decided to have her babies 10 days early. So before he could go to school he needed to move gates and make a pen for her and her new twin babies, (1 girl,1 boy). All were doing well so he went on to school.

Thursday February 3

Sam and Robbie got up early to take care of babies before they went to work and school. All were doing well. When doing evening chores the ice was so bad Sam slipped while feeding the horses, fortunately he was ok. Just quite sore, with the weather being so bad it takes a lot more time to do the chores.

Friday February 4

Just like every morning Sam and Robbie got up early to check on new babies, heifers, and horses. All are doing well. I was able to get some pictures of the new babies. They are so adorable, but they grow so fast. We are looking forward to Barbie coming home for the weekend. She really misses being around at lambing time.

Saturday February 5

We all awoke at 6 a.m. to hear the sounds of babies. Sam and Barbie went to the barn to find a new one. This is a first- time mom also that had only one baby but quite big. Hopefully this might be one of Robbie’s show lambs for the fair this year. All moms and babies are doing well. We really enjoy this time of year. After chores were done in the evening we enjoyed being able to spend time together as a family Saturday evening. Hopefully the weather will clear soon so Robbie can get his heifers outside for a walk.

Sunday February 6, 2011

Sam woke up early to feed lambs so that he could go to church to help with the sound system. Barbie, Robbie and I got to sleep in a little so we could join him at church. After church we got to eat with my mom for dinner. Sam and Robbie put out a large bale of hay for the horses. All lambs and moms are doing very well. Evening chores were done with having to make sure all water tanks were filled so that all animals had plenty of water. Barbie had to pack things up to go back to Wayne County. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with her this weekend. We were off to spend some time with friends to watch the Super Bowl Game.







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