Mary & Nick Dengler- Walnut Creek Farms

Diary of Mary Dengler – Week 2 – Feb 7-13, 2011

Monday, February 7

Turned cows out on Mill Rd. to go to the creek to drink. This sure helps not having to drag the hoses out and hook up. Wet snow this morning. Working on boxing a shipment of parts to Canada. Nicholas and Austin delivered 30 bales of hay to the horse farm on Woodsdale. Then Austin and I went to rental farm and fed round bales. Too muddy to pull silage wagon out, so we’ll wait for a hard freeze to get it. The ground has warmed up enough that the ice breaks through with the weight. Jake fed round bales and feed to their herd.

Tuesday, February 8

Nicholas made it out to the shop. Answering a lot of phone calls. Two customers came in for the parts we ordered in for them. Newspaper had a nice article on Peggy and Mike Clark of Warren County. They were in the Super Bowl pre-game with Anthony Munoz. Congratulations to them (Peggy was the Warren Co. Farm Bureau President). Fed and watered cow and calf in pens. New calf eating some grain. Nick ground a camshaft to ship. We have a “puller grind” for the antique John Deere tractors. This improves the HP (horse power). Talked with a customer about a backhoe for sale. Had to turn down a guy needing hay. We sure hope this year we have a better summer (no drought) and are able to bale more cuttings of hay. We in turn will need more hay for our own use. Nicholas and Austin hauled more round bales to rental farm and fed. Jake took a load of silage to their herd. We have 2 silage feeders. Nick fed hay and silage to home herd. Always have the one cow trying to sneak through the gate. She knows right where to go back. I watch the gate when they feed so they don’t have to get on and off the tractor. With this cold weather, the cattle sure are eating a lot more hay. We make sure they have plenty in feeders at all times. Saw a robin in town. It must be confused or spring is just around the corner?!

Wednesday, February 9

Fed and watered here. Calves are doing great. An older man generally does this but has been off due to his wife being ill. Packaged several parts orders to ship out. Took the boxes for Canada to the Post Office. I’ve found that it’s less hassle and more reasonable on International shipments to send via the mail rather than UPS. With UPS it goes through another broker that charges a fee. Nick took a hay wagon full of silage to heifers. This gets shoveled in to their bunks each day. Brought home the silage feeder and refilled and took back up. Had beef and noodles in the crockpot for today’s lunch. Made from the leftover roast. Yummy. Nothing like comfort food on a cold day.

Thursday, February 10

Fed and watered at home place. Had an eye dr. appointment in Oxford. Sun sure was bright. Wish it would melt this snow. Noticed that more snow had melted towards Oxford as there was grass showing. Nicholas did get an engine running for a customer to pick up. They will come for it tomorrow. He took a load of round bales to rental farm and fed. Received an e-mail that Gail Lierer’s dad fell and broke his hip. Our best wishes for a speedy healing and recovery.

Friday, February 11

It’s cold again this morning. It is supposed to warm up the next few days. Hopefully it’ll melt all of this snow and ice. The sun is shining. It makes ones spirit soar knowing spring is just around the corner. Customer picked up the engine that was taken out of a tractor. Another customer came checking on his pulling tractor. Getting the “fever”. Nicholas does some customer work. Nick ground a camshaft to ship. Got it on the road. Nicholas took another load of round bales to cattle in Preble County. I went up and watched the gate then brought silage feeder home. Nick was feeding silage to the home herd so he filled the feeder and we took it back up to Preble County.

Saturday, February 12

Jim came this morning and fed at the barn. Turned cow and calf out of pen. Nick went to town to get a new battery for the skid loader. Seems like there’s always something. Nicholas and Austin took a load of hay to the horse farm in Woodsdale. Laura hosted a bridal shower for my nephew’s fiancée at the Golden Lamb. Good food and family fellowship. Afterwards we went and got Laura’s bridesmaid dress for Nicholas’ wedding picked out and ordered. I was even able to get my mother of the groom dress ordered. Very productive day. Nicholas checked on cattle and all was well.

Sunday, February 13

The guys loaded iron most of the day. We also haul in scrap metal. Nicholas hauled hay to Preble County and fed. Jim came and fed at the home place. Got a nail in rear tire on our JD2755 loader tractor. They will have to dismount and repair. Starting to warm up some and melt this snow and ice. The snow will help replenish the water levels and rejuvenate the pastures. It will be a muddy mess to work in is the only drawback. A big change from the beginning of the week.







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