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Diary of Eggy Casey- Week 3- February 14-20, 2011

Monday February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Sam gets up to go to work and Robbie goes to the barn to feed the heifers and check and see if there are any new baby lambs.  When he gets to the barn he found a new set of triplets.  After feeding and checking to see that everything is o.k. he went on to school. When Robbie gets off school he always checks on the babies.  The triplets are a litttle weak but with triplets this sometimes happens, especially with a new Mom.  When I get off work I come home and get supper ready.  After supper, I need to start laundry so everyone has clean clothes and need to get paperwork together for tomorrow evenings first 4-H meeting. While I am getting supper Sam and Robbie do evening chores.

Tuesday February 15

Sam and Robbie get up early to check all animals and do the chores. When Robbie goes to the barn he discovered a new set of twin lambs.  Sam and I both work full time jobs besides all the farm work.  The area we live in used to be more agricultural but over the years more of the land around us has become developed. Robbie knows when he gets off school today he has to get ready for the 4-H meeting. He is president of Liberty Livestock which has 36 members.  After school I need to get supper, so I can get ready to go to the meeting with Robbie because I am one of the advisors.  Sam sometimes goes with us but tonight he has a meeting at the church.  Before we can go we need to make sure all the animlas are taken care of.  I told Robbie before we go to the meeting we need to fill up his truck with gasoline since the price is supposed to go up.

Wednesday February 16

Sam and Robbie get up to check on all the new baby lambs.  We now have 11 babies.  They are so cute and adorable.  This is an exciting time of year for us.  Then Sam’s off to work and Robbies off to school.  I usually let the guys do morning chores and then I help with the evening chores.  In the summer time when we don’t have school I help both times.  When I get off work I have to fix supper, which this time of year the crock pot becomes one of my best friends.  We raise our own animals for meat so its not a problem to go to the freezer to get something ready. We will be having roast beef.  After supper Sam and Robbie will do chores while I work on getting table decorations made for the Butler Co. Lamb and Wool Banquet made.  Tomorrow will be a busy day so we need to get to bed early.

Thursday February 17

Sam and Robbie get up early to check on the animals.  I have to make sure everything is ready for the banquet.  When we get home we have to go to the Extension Office to set everything up. I cooked a leg of lamb and some brownies.  The banquet is covered dish so everyone brings something to share.  Robbie does chores early because he will go help set up first and then he has to leave for a Jr. Fair Board meeting which he represents the Sheep Department.  After his meeting he will come back and eat and then help us clean everything up. After the meeting we will go home and get ready for work tomorrow.

Friday February 18

This morning it was hard for everyone to get up since it was late when we got home last night.  The banquet went very well and I was appointed a 3 year term on the Board of Directors for the Butler Co. Lamb and Wool Association.  This means I will get to help with planning and working activities we will be having.  This will be a busy weekend.  Robbie will be gone all weekend on a church retreat but Barbie is coming home to help and check on all the animals.  Sam and I do all the feeding so that we can go out to eat with our share group from church.

Saturday February 19

This morning I woke up to Sam cooking breakfast, which he very rarely does.  It was exciting! This weekend I will get to help more with the feeding.  We wil have lots to do today because we need to get ready to move some Mom and baby lambs to give them more room. It’s wonderful to have Barbie home!  In the afternoon we went to check on our friends cattle who are due to have calves born this week.  We all got to enjoy watching some TV together.  Need to go to bed, tomorrow will be a very busy day.  With us both working off-farm jobs, weekends are a chance for us to get some extra work done.

Sunday February 20

Sam had to leave early this morning because he does the sound system for our church.  Barbie went to the barn to feed the animals.  After church Barbie and I took her truck to a friends to pick up our trailer which they borrowed for a cattle show, which we need to move lambs.  I thought I was going to get some house work done but was needed in the barn instead.  Oh well tomorrow is another day especially since we don’t have school because of Presdident’s Day.  I did get a pot of barbecue made.  I always enjoy sending food home with Barbie.  We really appreciated all of her help this weekend.  Robbie will be coming home tomorrow.







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