Mary & Nick Dengler- Walnut Creek Farms

Diary of Mary Dengler – Week 3 – Feb 14-20, 2011

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day. Not as warm today Wind blowing so the windchill goes right through you!  Jim fed this morning at the barn.  Nicholas brought in parts to ship.  Customer came in and looked at a backhoe.  Several phone calls.Nick took a load of iron in that was loaded yesterday. Nicholas working on the flat tire.  What a chore with such a big tire. He fed at Preble County last night.  This will hold them a few days.  All of us went to bed early. 

February 15

Jim fed and watered.  Filled the bulls water tank over on Mill Rd. They only need this tank filled once a week or so. Cold in the morning but warmed up later on.  The sun sure does help. I went to Butler County Surgical Center.  Had laser treatment on my eye for a retinal tear.  Nicholas took care of the business while we were gone. He showed another customer a Case backhoe we have. Nick took a load of iron in.  Nick fed hay and silage to home herd. He brought scoop of silage over to the barn. It was fun to watch them run to eat! Sure is nice to see grass again.  Crocuses are peeking thru. Starting to get muddy. Customer in IL called awaiting his parts.  Wants to get tractor going so he can put anhydrous on.  Now that’s thinking Spring! 

February 16

Nicholas and Nick took off early for Louisville to see the National Farm Machinery Show.  Looking at a couple of different pieces of equipment. I gave the calf its milk and fed. Jake fed their herd in Preble County before leaving for Louisville. Since I was on my own, I answered a few calls and waited on a customer.  He had called the day before so Nicholas had laid out the parts for him.  I had another customer come in but didn’t have what he needed. Ran errands in the evening. Guys returned about 10 p.m. and were tired from walking all day. 

February 17

Warmed up today and the sun’s out.  Jim came & fed & watered.  I gave calf his milk. Answering quite a few calls.. Cloudy today but warmer. Sad it won’t last -tease of spring. Most of the snow and ice melting except where shaded during the day. Nicholas and Bill Burwick went to farm in Preble County to set up gates for tomorrow.  Heifers will be getting vaccinated. Nick and I went to a vistation for a classmate of his. 

February 18

Fed & watered at the barn.  Nick and Nicholas gave them 2 really good round bales of hay.  They tore into them.  This hay has what we call sweet grass in it.  A broadleaf grass.  Cattle and horses love it. Getting ready to load the 5 heifers here to go to Preble County with the rest of the heifers there. Nick, Nicholas, Andrea & 2 workers went to the Preble County farm with the vet.  The heifers are getting shots and ear tagged.  They then loaded all of them on the trailer and hauled them 1/4 mile up the road to pasture.  Then loaded the bull up and brought him home. We eartag with our name and phone # on them in case they get out.  A few years ago this happened and we lost 3 heifers.  They got out about 9 p.m. and we never did locate them. The yearling heifers were loaded from one herd and taken to the feed lot.  They will be fed there for about a year.  Then they will be tagged and vaccinated for pasture.  

February 19

Guys rented a skid loader.  Our is in the shop.  Paul (an older man that helps us cut hay) started cleaning manure out of the barn at the rental farm.   We will pile this up away from the barn and spread on the pasture when it is frozen again.  There is quite a bit of manure with the cattle being in and out of the barn this winter.  Also, straw mixed in from bedding them. Nicholas fed hay to cattle there. I watched our grandson all weekend. Thanks goodness it was nice.  He played outside, road in the gator to see cows, he helped papaw drive the forklift.  Also “drove” the semi. Austin dismantled a tractor that will have its parts stored on shelves for future sales. 

February 20

Nick fed silage and hay to home farm cattle. He then filled the 2 silage wagons and hay wagon.  Austin took the hay wagon up to the heifers.  Nicholas took the 2 silage feeders to the herds in Preble County. Doug worked on cleaning the barn today.  (Paul couldn’t make it)  It will probably take a better part of a week to get it all cleaned out. Guys worked around the shop on various projects.  It sleeted this morning.. I did get some work in the house done after Drew left.  Phew, I was tired.

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