Spend three weeks in Germany as part of an AFBF-sponsored agriculture study tour.

Applications being accepted for three-week agriculture study tour in Germany

Farm Bureau members interested in being considered for a three-week agricultural study tour in Germany are invited to apply through the McCloy Fellowship in Agriculture program.

The program provides extensive opportunities for American and German farmers and agricultural experts to establish personal and professional ties with their transatlantic counterparts.

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), the Deutscher Bauernverband (DBV) German farmers’ association, and the American Council on Germany (ACG), American and German farmers have been participating in the program through a shared partnership since 1979.

American McCloy Fellows in agriculture receive an up-close look at agricultural, farm, and food-supply conditions across the Atlantic. Past American agricultural fellows have visited the European Union in Brussels, former East German cooperatives that have been converted into modern corporations, and various regions with diverse agricultural practices.

McCloy Fellowships in Agriculture provide transatlantic round-trip airfare, approved inter-city travel, and a daily stipend of $200 to cover housing, meals, and other local transportation. After the trip, fellows must submit a written report to the ACG and AFBF. The exact dates of the tour are determined by the participants as a group, but travel will occur between September and November 2011.


Candidates are nominated by state Farm Bureau presidents to the AFBF president. The AFBF president selects nominees to forward to the ACG, which makes the final selection. Nominees must be Farm Bureau members or staff with outstanding leadership qualifications and preferably between 28 and 40 years of age. The state nomination should include the candidate’s application, a one-page autobiography, and a cover letter outlining personal and professional reasons for interest in the fellowship. Only one nomination per state, per year is allowed.

Nominees must be submitted from the state Farm Bureau president to the American Farm Bureau by April 1.

To express your interest in being nominated from Ohio, contact Scott Donaldson at 614-246-8275 or email [email protected]


Read a brochure about the study tour

Download an application for nomination in the McCloy Fellowship agricultural study tour






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