OD Amanda Denes; Ted Zunis, Erie County; Jeff Belmont, county membership coordinator; NE Supervisor Danielle DuFour

Farm Bureau membership can have financial rewards

Farm Bureau members in the northeast region of the state have a special opportunity to earn a large return on their investment when they renew their membership for 2011.

“It’s nice to win prizes and get special recognition, but in tough economic times like this, it’s really nice to receive a cash prize,” said Danielle Dufour, Ohio Farm Bureau Fderation (OFBF) northeast regional supervisor.

As part of this year’s membership campaign, each county Farm Bureau in the region donated $100 to establish a $2,000 membership renewal promotion.

“There are four drawings for $500, so the earlier a member renews, the better chance they have of being a winner,” Dufour said. Those who renewed their membership by Dec. 31 had their names put into a drawing, which took place  Jan. 15.

Ted Zunis of Erie County was recognized as the first $500 winner. Other drawings are scheduled on the 15th of each month through April. Memberships not due until after April may still have an opportunity to be included in the promotion.

According to Dufour, members have the option of renewing their dues early to get their names put into the drawings. The contest was promoted using various techniques including special newsletters and social media outlets such as Facebook.

“We set a regional goal to have farmer gain by March 31, 2011 and this is helping us to accomplish our goal.”

In Paulding County, $2,500 was rewarded as part of Farm Bureau’s Property Protection program. Eric Cook of Paulding noticed a PTO powered generator in the back of a truck at a local salvage yard. A truck with a generator in the back is not uncommon, except this particular generator looked familiar. Cook made a call to his brother and discovered that their father’s generator had been stolen from a pole barn on the family farm. Cook then made a call to the Paulding County sheriff department, which led to the arrest of three individuals. Cook’s father, Robert Cook, is a member of the Paulding County Farm Bureau. The three individuals arrested were each convicted on one count of breaking and entering and one count of theft, both fifth-degree felony charges.

Photo Cutline: From left, Organization Director Amanda Denes; Ted Zunis, Erie County member; Jeff Belmont, Erie County membership coordinator, and NE Regional Supervisor Danielle Dufour. Photo credit: Photo by Erie County Farm Bureau.