Farmers share why membership matters

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Thanks to the farmers on Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Facebook page who shared the reasons that they would encourage other farmers to join Farm Bureau.

Nikki Gordon Coy said the organization gives her peace of mind that far exceeds her annual dues:  “As a farmer, I appreciate how Farm Bureau not only helps to forge a relationship with consumers, but legislators. I frequently use the links from the site to send messages to my legislators about issues that affect my farm. As effective as that is, Farm Bureau carries it further and makes sure that there is someone meeting with my legislators face to face, educating them on the issues and how they affect me.”

Luv Hahn noted the organization’s pride in Ohio agriculture:  “The savings and benefits are fantastic along with the members. (good times!) You learn and help teach others about agriculture and just how important it is.  It’s fun to share your story.”

Sheri Dawson Matis appreciated that at a recent Farm Bureau meeting farmers gave thanks before a meal for people, the earth and the animals:  “Having these common goals a person cannot help to forge wonderful friendships and make a good difference.

Kelly Krieder said Farm Bureau’s support of CAUV helps save farmers thousands of dollars every year: “Support the local farmers so we are here for the long haul!”

Sam Wildman highlighted opportunities for involvement: “Lifelong relationships and friends. Great activities for people with common interests. Great benefits from both these reasons!”

Eric Cotton said the organization helps him be proactive on regulation and legislation: “Also, farming entails many hours alone with your thoughts; but the Farm Bureau provides the opportunities to meet and share with each other those things which are TRULY important – our values, the gifts which we have received, and the gifts which we are able to provide.”

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