$500 Award Presentation

Meet the Newest $500 Winner from Huron County

The Northeast Region of the Ohio Farm Bureau is currently holding a promotion for members that renew their membership early.  Four drawings will be held on January 15, February 15, March 15, and April 15.  The earlier you renew your membership, the more chances you will have to win $500. 

Patrick Fritz of Willard was the second of four winners of the regional promotion that the 20 counties in the Northeast Region are holding.  The next drawing will occur in March.  Renew now and you’ll have a chance to be a winner in two more drawings.  Congratulations to Patrick!  It really pays to be a Farm Bureau member and we hope you are one.Pictured from left to right are Organization Director, Amanda Denes of New London; $500 winner, Patrick Fritz of Willard; Huron County Farm Bureau President, John Brooks of Peru; and Northeast Regional Supervisor, Danielle Dufour.

For more information on the Huron County Farm Bureau please call 1-888-292-6442 or visit www.northcoastfarmbureau.org.