Ohio Farm Bureau Property Protection Program

$2,500 Reward for Protecting YOUR property

Where can you be rewarded $2,500 by simply protecting your community?

Nearly everyday when watching the news or reading the paper, crime is revealed, whether  the $4 million pot bust or helpful hints for protecting yourself from the increase in burglaries here in the county.  Madison County Farm Bureau would like to inform you of another opportunity to protect yourself and your neighbors. Ohio Farm Bureau Property Protection Program has provided much publicity and has been said to be a deterrent against felonious criminal acts against property owners. It serves as one of the many benefits of Farm Bureau membership.

Hopefully you have seen, when visiting friends and neighbors, a red and white sign hanging proudly on their property. This sign announces to any mischievous individuals that by doing damage to, stealing from or any anyway committing a crime on this property that there will be consequences.  The program rewards $2,500 to anyone, whether you are a member of Farm Bureau or not, that offers information for the arrest and conviction of the assailant(s). This program is a simple and easy way to deter individuals for damaging your property.

If you are a member of the Madison County Farm Bureau, then you have the opportunity to receive one of these signs.  If you have not gotten one, contact the county office or a local board member to receive your sign. If you are NOT a member of Farm Bureau and would like to help in joining the fight to keep Madison County a beautiful and safe place to be, then also contact a Farm Bureau Member to sign up.  Again, where can you spend $85 to receive $2,500 while protecting your and your neighbor’s property?

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Devin Trout is the media and marketing specialist for Franklin County Farm Bureau and designer for Edible Columbus. She is a Columbus Pittie Committee foster and active with the Central Ohio Young Ag Professionals.

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