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Diary of Eggy Casey – Week 4 – February 21-28, 2011

Monday February 21

Robbie left to do the feeding before school. Sam left for work.  This morning we all woke up to a very cold wet day.  It’s hard to believe 35 years ago today, Sam and I were married. It seems like the years have gone by so fast.  We have been very blessed. It actually rained on that day as well. Only back then the temperature was warmer around 60-65 degrees.  Days like this you just hope Spring would come early.  Sam has a meeting at church so we will have to celebrate on another day. After getting off work, Robbie and I take care of all the animals.  I really enjoy seeing how much the baby lambs have grown. They are now eating creep feed which is like baby food for them.

Tuesday February 22

Today looks like it’s going to be another chilly day.  Robbie and Sam leave early. After Robbie gets all of the feeding finished before he leaves for school.  He is looking forward to today because he will be going with school to Roberts Arena in Wilmington, Ohio for a horse judging contest. When he gets home and Sam gets off work, they will be vaccinating(give baby lambs their first set of shots).  They will get two sets so in 3 weeks they will get another one.  They do very well. They usually do this while their Moms are eating their grain. That way it makes it easier for them. They are enjoying their new food and growing fast.

Wednesday February 23

Today seems like it’s going to be warmer.  We sure are looking forward to it, as well as the sunshine.  We sure have had plenty of mud so far this year. It makes doing chores alot harder walking in the mud. Hopefully it will dry up soon. Robbie feeds his heifers every morning.  They get about 25 pounds of grain between the 2 of them which includes oats, corn, minerals, and supplements.  They get this twice a day, plus hay and all the water they want.  He gives all the sheep good alfalfa hay. They really enjoy it.  The horses have a big round bale of hay so that they can munch on it whenever they get hungry.  After school and work we feed them again.  All of the animals get fed twice a day.

Thursday February 24

It’s raining again today.  After Robbie gets home today from school he has a 4-H Camp counselors meeting.  They will be making plans and working on activities for 4-H camp which will be held at Camp Graham in June. Since he has a meeting tonight I get to help feed.  While Sam is feeding grain, I fill up all the water tanks. Each tank holds 100 gallons of water.  We fill them with a water hose. It sure beats having to carry the water in buckets. We like to make sure they always have plenty of water.  I really enjoy helping and getting to see all of the babies.

Friday February 25

I am so glad today is Friday. At least we will have a little more time to work with the animals over the weekend.  The babies are now weighing right around 30 pounds each and are doing very well.   We will leave them with their Moms until they are at least 60 days old before we wean them.  We like to let them stay together as long as possible. It will be interesting to see which one’s Robbie chooses for his 4-H projects for the fair this year. Hopefully after doing chores we might be able to go out for supper.  It’s hard to decide what to have to eat every night.

Saturday February 26

Robbie and Sam go to feed all the animals. I stayed in to try and get caught up with laundry.  There never seems to be enough time for all of these things.  We will be leaving about 1:00 p.m. to drive Robbie to Yellow Springs, Ohio, to meet Barbie to go to a  Jason Aldean concert which she had bought the tickets for him for his birthday. Sam and I drove home to do the evening chores.  I really enjoy making bottles of milk for the little lambs. Our one Mom is getting older so we are giving her babies one bottle a day to give them a little extra to eat. I have a retirement party to go to and then we will drive to Urbana, Ohio to pick up Robbie. We did get to visit just a little with Barbie, since it will be a while before she is able to come home for a visit.  I know he will enjoy spending time with his sister.

Sunday February 27

After getting home late, 1:00a.m., we all got up early to go to church.  After church I came home and fixed lunch. At least today is alot warmer.  A day to enjoy wearing lighter jackets. This afternoon we need to get alot done with the animals. Since it is so warm we will let the heifers outside to run around a little bit. They really enjoy that. We had some friends stop by to see how much the heifers have been growing. They both will be 1 year old in May. They have been growing alot also. Well its time to make up some bottles of milk for the little baby lambs. I will do that while Sam and Robbie do the rest of the feeding.

Monday February 28

Well it’s hard to believe it is the end of February already.  Our family has enjoyed sharing some of our everyday responsibilites with our farm. We really enjoy the day to day work and care of all of our animals.  Even though we don’t get to go away very often we always enjoy spending family time together.







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