Mary & Nick Dengler- Walnut Creek Farms

Diary of Mary Dengler – Week 4 – Feb 21-28, 2011

February 21

Raining this morning on and off.  Now pouring most of the afternoon.  Hope the sump pumps keep up.  Guess we’ve had close to 2″. Guys took 2 loads of iron in.  Jim fed at the barn. Orphan doing great and growing. Shipped several parts out and lots of calls.  Forgot today was Presidents’ Day, no mail.  So, the mail got soaked in the box I put out.

February 22 

Had 2 customers come in for parts.  Couple of nice older men from Mt. Orab and a man from Wilmington.  Shipped a puller camshaft and some other parts out. Nick hauled a couple of loads of iron. Nicholas fed hay at Preble County farm.  I went along to open gates.  He has a cattlemen’s meeting tonight. Started spitting snow.  Thank goodness we didn’t get what they had up north.  

February 23

Jim fed and watered at barn. Had a sad call this morning.  The owner of the farm where we pasture cattle passed away yesterday.  Our hearts are heavy today. A customer came in and got some John Deere 2 cylinder parts.  Shipped a few parts out and had several phone calls. Nick fed hay to the home herd. I was on way to Trenton and some kid turned in front of me.  So…the truck is out of commission.  No one wasn’t hurt, but I was sure mad. It just wasn’t our day.

February 24

Nicholas fed at the barn.  Put feed in creep feeder and gave the orphan his milk.  Turned cow and calf out with the others up at barn lot. One of the rental houses sump pump quit working – so Nicholas went and bought one and replaced.  Nicholas and Andrea took lunch up to Kay at the farm along with supplies for the funeral. Had a customer bring his tractor in from Ilinois to have worked on.  Wants it up and running. Paul’s been trapping wild varmints in our barns.  He caught 2 coons and a skunk last night.  We trap as these animals make a mess in the barns and on hay and equipment.  Also carry rabies and other diseases.  The groundhogs burrow under the barn foundations and weaken them. Nick gave lots of silage to cows at home farm.  It was pouring rain.  I watched the gate to make sure cows wouldn’t come through. Picked up a rental so I’d have something to drive.  No police report yet.  

February 25 

No animals trapped last night.  Rained turned into snow.  About 1/2″ on the ground. Nicholas took care of cows at the barn.  Nicholas and Jake went and bought floor tile and a water heater for the rental. Nicholas and Austin fed hay at home farm.  I had a good time at a jewelry party with friends and fellow FB members.  

February 26 

The guys sorted out heifers at home farm.  Took to Preble County and put on feed lot.  Got bull out of the herd and penned up with the other ones.  Took our 4×4 John Deere tractor up to move bales.  This gets around in the mud better. Guys fed hay to the boys herd, moved bales closer for easier access due to the mud.  They use a small Ford loader tractor to feed there. Took 2 bales to rental farm and visited with Kay and her family. I went to Hamilton earlier in the day and ordered my new glasses.  Another great Farm Bureau discount benefit.  Every little bit helps and it more than pays for the membership. 

February 27 

Nick and Nicholas moved more bales.  Took silage to the Preble County herd.  Fed heifers in the barn silage and round bale.  They are penned up until they get used to being away from their moms.  This alleviates any problem with trying to get out to find their moms. Went to funeral visitation.  Afterwards we took Kristine (Jake’s girlfriend) to Red Lobster for her birthday.  Her mom, dad and sister joined us.  

February 28 

Had a customer first thing in the morning.  The guys were able to get his parts. Busy shipping and answering phone calls. Guys fed home herd hay and silage in the evening.  I had a Farm Bureau board meeting tonight.  Alot of discussion.  Also, remember the legislative meeting coming up March 11 at the OSU Extension building on Princeton Rd. at 1 p.m. Come and talk to our representatives and commissioners.  Voice your opinion. Thanks for reading our diary and I hope it gave you some insight on our operation.  Also that we do care for our livestock. Enjoy next month’s and future diaries.

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