Dave & Kathy Hiltbrand and family

Meet a Farmer – Kathy & Dave Hiltbrand and family

Hello, we are the Hiltbrands.  My name is Kathy and my husband Dave and our three children; Karen Anne, Katie Marie, and Justin live and operate our family farm in Seven Mile, Ohio.  

Our farm runs along Seven Mile Creek.  It sits almost a half-mile off of the road making it the ideal place to raise our children.  We farm full-time along with running a trucking business.  Our farming practices consist of raising corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and running 40 crossbred cows.

With the majority of our cows due to calve in the month of March we are hoping that the cold weather and muddy days are over before the babies arrive.  But knowing better, I invite you to check out my blog and follow us to see how our calving goes while also following everything from our kids’ activities to us getting ready for spring to come around.

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