Ohio Farm Bureau Awards Seed Soil Sun Book Of The Year

For Immediate Release March 9, 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s (OFBF) 2011 Award for Children’s Literature is Seed Soil Sun: Earth’s Recipe for Food by Cris Peterson.

Peterson’s book describes the seemingly miraculous process by which air and water combine with seed, soil, and sun to create nearly all the food we eat. Using the corn plant as an example, she takes the reader through the story of germination and growth of a tiny corn seed into a giant plant reaching high into the air with roots extending over six feet into the ground. The book also discusses the make-up of soil and the amazing creatures that live there from microscopic one-celled bacteria to moles, amoebas, and earthworms.

This marks the sixth time one of Peterson’s books has been selected for this award. Peterson and her family live on a Wisconsin dairy farm. The OFBF award honors a book and author whose work embodies an agricultural theme and contributes to American literature. Seed Soil Sun also was named book of the year by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The Foundation produced a companion educator guide to accompany Seed Soil Sun.

The book can be ordered through the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture website (www.agfoundation.org) or through county Farm Bureau offices.


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