Several OFBF Priority Issues Included in HB 114 – Transportation Budget Bill

HB 114 (McGregor) – Transportation Budget Bill

HB 114 recently passed the Ohio House and is now being heard in the Ohio Senate. It is the legislation that funds Ohio’s Department of Transportation, Public Safety, and other projects related to transportation and infrastructure in Ohio. Ohio Farm Bureau was successful in getting amendments to the Transportation Bill that align with several of our priority issues and general policy positions. These include:

– Elimination of the late registration fee on seasonal and farm vehicles,

– Expansion and clarification of the definition of farm commodities as it applies to the 7.5% weight variance, to include manure, turf, sod and silage.

– For those individuals hauling agricultural and certain other commodities, fines will no longer be assessed if the per-axel weight exceeds the allowed amount, so long as the total vehicle weight does not exceed the permitted weight and 7.5% variance.

– Replaces the definition of timber with a definition of forest product which includes logs, chips, sawdust, mulch, bark, pulpwood, biomass and firewood in regards to the 7.5% weight variance.