Click the video above to watch an agricultural message from Kasich and Zehringer.

Zehringer declares Ohio’s doors are wide open for agribusiness

Following up on comments made by Ohio Governor John R. Kasich in his State of the State address last week,

“Agriculture is already Ohio’s largest industry, adding more than $98 billion to the state’s economy annually and employing one out of every seven Ohioans,” Zehringer said, “but there is still a lot of potential for further growth. Farming and food processing are staples of any thriving economy and we are only just beginning to see the exponential growth that is possible in Ohio’s agriculture-dependent fields such as polymer and bioproduct development.”

Zehringer also announced the release of a new video designed to showcase the department’s commitment to agribusiness in Ohio. The video features Governor Kasich and Director Zehringer discussing the state’s pledge to foster agribusiness growth in Ohio.

“In his state of the state address, Governor Kasich charged me with thinking about agriculture in a completely different way and with finding out how many agribusinesses we can grow,” Zehringer said. “I share the governor’s vision of supporting agriculture as an industry that leads Ohio to more prosperous times.”

Last week, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 89, sponsored by Representative Tim Derickson (R – Oxford), declaring the second full week in March as Ohio Agriculture Week. National Agriculture Week is also celebrated every year on the second full week of March to promote farming, agriculture and agricultural education.

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