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Join in on "Ohio Farm Bureau Membership Week"

  • “What is Ohio Farm Bureau? How does it work, and what does it do?”
  • “Who are members and who runs the organization?”
  • “What if I’m not a farmer? What’s in it for me?”
  • “How can I find the best information about the food I choose to feed my family and the people and places near me that produce it?”

These are common questions we receive from those who aren’t (and sometimes those who are) Ohio Farm Bureau members. Who wouldn’t want to be more informed about an organization they are asked to join and support?!

That’s why we are holding our first-ever Ohio Farm Bureau Membership Week event on Facebook, and we are inviting YOU to join us in taking a look at who we are, what we do and be part of the conversation we’ll be stirring up this week about what it means to be an Ohio Farm Bureau member.

For the record (and we’ll address this common misconception Wednesday), YOU DON’T HAVE TO FARM TO BE A MEMBER. Another misconception (to be addressed Tuesday) is that Ohio Farm Bureau is a government organization. In reality, it is a membership organization, where membership dues fund the work the organization does. Membership matters…without it, we are unable to do the good work we do for Ohio food and agriculture on behalf of the members for which we work.

Agriculture is our passion, it’s a way of life, it’s our common heritage, and is an integral part of a number of all of our everyday activities (especially for those of us who love to eat!).

This week, we’ll provide opportunities to better understand Ohio Farm Bureau, put you in touch with the faces and voices of the members, staff and leaders who make it great, and open a forum for all your membership-related questions to be answered. We’ll also be sharing all the things that make Ohio food and farming so great!

We’ll also provide the opportunity for giveaways and for you to be featured in upcoming Ohio Farm Bureau media!

Here’s how you and your Facebook Friends can be included in and spread the news about Membership Week fun:

  • Be sure to go to the Ohio Farm Bureau Membership Week Event Page and click “I’m Attending” at the top of the page. This will make sure you receive updates and posts throughout the week concerning the event, and also alert you of giveaways and other opportunities.
  • Invite your friends to attend the event by clicking “Share” or “Invite” at the top of the event page. Before you click send to share it, be sure to tell them why they should!
  • If you’re already an Ohio Farm Bureau member, add a special Membership Week 2011 “Twibbon” to your Facebook profile photo. You can do this by clicking the following link ( and then click “Login with Facebook.” Then follow instructions to position the Twibbon where you would like it on your Facebook profile photo and click “Show my support now!” to post it!
  • Keep your eyes open for posts from the event page and opportunities to participate in giveaways, ask questions about membership, share thoughts and more!

Why is Membership Week an “event” on Facebook, rather than posts on Ohio Farm Bureau’s Facebook Page?

It is not very often we ask our fans to “Join Farm Bureau” on our Facebook Page, but membership is an important part of who we are and what we do. We pride ourselves in making our social media efforts fun and engaging, and hope you will find the same during this week-long event and focus on our organization.

Special thanks to Lake County Farm Bureau member Ryan Babcock, who first thought of creating a Facebook Event to share more details of Farm Bureau membership.

Our overarching mission at Ohio Farm Bureau is to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers. Through an active and engaged membership of both, we can all work together to achieve goals that are good for us all. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to share what’s great about Ohio food and farming, while also reflecting on the value of membership in Farm Bureau.

Happy Membership Week!


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