OFBF moves to three regions

Buckeye Farm News

After seven years with four regional supervisor areas, the Ohio Farm Bureau field staff will return to three regional supervisors. The three supervisory regions will be the North, East and South. While there will be three regions, certain items, such as the selection of Policy Development and Code Committee members, will continue to be determined based on the four OFBF Women Trustee Districts.

“Change is a constant. As an organization we are always embracing change leading to growth and discovery of ways to better service our members. A large part of change is being mindful of matching our resources with the best possible member services,” said Brian Peach, OFBF vice president of organization. “Our field staff of regional supervisors, organizational directors and a field training specialist does an outstanding job of working together keeping the organization effective and growing. This change affords opportunities for staff to grow professionally and for our volunteers to broaden their leadership experience.”

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