Joyce Brown - Brown's Family Farm Market

Diary of Joyce Brown – Brown’s Family Farm Market -Week 4- March 21-27

March 21st

After feeding the animals and checking the greenhouses, I worked a lot in the office. There is always so much bookwork to do. More plants will be in this week so I had better keep up the office work so I can get out and plant. We met some friends for supper tonight at a restaurant in Hamilton. It is always nice to catch up on the news with old friends.

March 22nd

Today the plants came in for the 4-H flower sale. They look great. Tiny, but great. We got them all transplanted into their containers by 5 o’clock. The wave petunias are such a hardy flower. We love planting the purple waves at the intersection of 128 and 27 in Ross. They can really take the hot dry weather. The weather turned out nice today and we got a lot of yard work done.

March 23rd

We planted the rest of the flowers that came in on yesterday’s order. It got really hot in the greenhouses so we went out and worked in the farm market. I stayed all night with the new baby and his family last night, so I am a bit tired. He wakes every 3 hours and is up for about an hour. That sure cuts into your night’s sleep.

March 24th 

John and I  took 5 of our employees from the Marketplace and went to the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce dinner last night. They had a speaker from Eureka Ranch that was very motivating. The speaker had a lot to say that was worthwhile hearing. The food was wonderful, the company was great and we really had a good time.

March 25th

The weather turned cooler as the day wore on. I had grandson Jonathan with me all morning. He is such an active fellow that he definitely requires full attention. I have been going up in the mornings and helping to get Jenna on the bus. She is in kindergarten and rides the morning bus. Unfortunately she gets on the bus across the road and down at the neighbors house. I will help get her off to school for a while since her mom is still recovering and the baby is small. It starts my day off right to see the children anyway. I just get to work a little later.

March 26th

We worked in the office at the farm market this morning reorganizing for the new year. It was cold and windy outside. After lunch, the womenfolk of the family all went to a wedding shower on Jamie who is getting married in May . Jessica took little Jenna with her and I brought Jody and the baby with me. It was Jarrett’s first outing. He slept through the whole thing. Jamie has a wonderful friend that she works with at the hospital. They are more like family than co-workers. I always enjoy seeing them.

March 27th

Today is Sunday. After breakfast with my brother I went back home to rest my ankle. I must have worked it too hard this week. It is slightly sprained.  Later in the afternoon my brother Glenn got married at church. The reception followed the wedding ceremony. Family and close friends all gathered to celebrate with the couple.

I started my diary talking about the seasons and how I love the changing seasons. I reflect now on the changing seasons of life as I sit here typing tonight. The new baby is such a promise that life goes on. Weddings, celebrations of love and a future together, family gatherings, and dinner with old friends make you realize the passing of time and how each day is a gift. We never really know what is coming tomorrow so for now, I will plant my flowers, help my husband and kids whenever I can, and hold those grandbabies. Spring is in the air and just around the corner. I just can’t wait!







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