Joyce Brown - Brown's Family Farm Market

Diary of Joyce Brown – Brown’s Family Farm Market -Week 4- March 21-27

March 28th

It was so cold this morning when I went to work that I was sure glad to go inside the greenhouse and work for a while. We transplanted 50 flats of peppers, 10 flats kohlrabi, 6 flats of cabbage, and Angel wing begonias. We moved all of the Al’s pouches into the larger greenhouse, and finished up the petunia flats. Then we went outside and worked on a water drainage ditch along the market. My son-in-law Steve showed up about 4:00 p.m. and put the finishing touches on our drainage work with the skid loader with the bucket attachment. By 5:00 we were all ready to go home.  Today I was really tired. First you are in the cold, then the hot, then the cold, then the hot. It is a wonder that we all aren’t sick most of the time!

March 29th

Cold again this morning. Got Jenna on the bus, went back home and fed the animals, then down to the farm to work. We moved the rest of the perennials outside. We also moved the cabbage flats outside. The ones that we planted and put outside a couple of weeks ago look so good that we put the rest of them out. They are strong and shorter than the ones inside with the heat making them tall. We also put part of each variety of the lillys that I am growing for the wedding outside. I am trying to stagger the bloom times to make sure that I hit the wedding just right. In the afternoon another 100 plug flats arrived. With each flat holding 512 plugs, that makes 5,120 plants that we need to get planted.  Tomorrow I am going to work on starting my mixed planters. They are some of my favorites to put together. I have a new black petunia this year and I am excited about the new combinations that I can make with black.

March 30th

It is warming up today and tomorrow they say. On these sunny days we have to remember to wear our sunscreen. It is easy to get sunburned in the greenhouse. We worked finishing up plantings of the flowers and vegetable plugs, and opened up the last greenhouse. We put the herbs and vegetable plants in this one. Soon the houses will all be full and we will go out to the cold frames outside  on the ground. Here again, I will put half of some of the varieties out in the colder weather, and leave half of them in so I can  hold some back with the cold weather, and let some grow faster in the heated houses. It is a natural spacing. I like to do that rather than use chemical control growth regulators.  We worked on getting some of the equipment out of the storage areas, and cleaning inside the farm market this afternoon. We had snow flurries all afternoon. I heard from our friends in Willard Ohio. They got 3 inches of snow today! I am glad that we only got flurries. So much for the weather forcast!

Everything seems to be off on a good start this year as far as the greenhouses. It has been an uncomplicated month. That Is o.k. with me. Some days are full of complications. I could use an easy month couldn’t you? We put up some temporary fence for the miniature horses today. I have a small pasture that is just right to put the little fellows in. They love the grass and keep it grazed down for me. Any day now we will be planting our sweet corn and our cabbage out in the field. From now on no two days will be the same, and we will be busy until Thanksgiving taking care of the farming and the farm market. Stop by and see us at the farm market some time!



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