OFBF responds to Ohio Livestock Care Board vote on veal housing standards

For Immediate Release April 5, 2011

The following statement may be attributed to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – “The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation supports the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board’s decision to reinsert the “turnaround language” into their veal care standards. We appreciate the work done by the Board to resolve a number of difficult issues centered on veal housing.

Our support is based on several factors. Foremost is our acknowledgement of the Board as the ultimate authority on farm animal care issues. The difficult nature of this particular decision is exactly why the Board is needed. We also respect the views recently submitted by veal producers who saw no benefit to removing the turnaround language and the views of an actively engaged public. Finally, we believe the Board acted appropriately given the lack of definitive research on the topic.”


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