Animals for Life Foundation now accepting grant applications

Buckeye Farm News

The Animals for Life Foundation, which was established by Ohio Farm Bureau, is now accepting requests for proposals (RFP).

According to David White, the Foundation’s executive director, RFP applications will be considered that help the Foundation further develop and implement its vision and mission – to increase public acceptance and understanding of human-animal interdependency and achieve public recognition that animals bring value to human life.

All applications must contain an outline of a proposed budget, project objectives, project relationship to the Foundation, project work plan, measurable project milestones, project team members and project partnerships.

This will be the second year that the Foundation has accepted and awarded grants. Last year the Foundation awarded grants that helped create a campaign to build awareness about the importance of the human-animal bond; stimulate conversation about the benefits between humans and animals and responsibilities for animal care; reinforce consumer confidence and trust in Ohio’s livestock farmers, and help educate fifth grade students about animal care, the value animals bring to human life and the human-animal bond.

Information about the RFP application process is available on the Foundation’s website at or by contacting the Foundation office at 614-246-8261 or [email protected].

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