Nationwide Agribusiness applies more than 100 years experience protecting farms

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In 1909, Iowa farm and grain cooperative leaders needed a way to stop the financial devastation caused by destructive wooden elevator fires that occurred all too frequently throughout the Midwest.

By working together, they created a new source of affordable insurance, based on the principles of mutual benefits, called the Farmers Cooperative Elevator Mutual Insurance Association. Today, that risk solutions leader is part of the Nationwide family of companies and is known as Nationwide Agribusiness.

From its beginning, the new insurer built its reputation by focusing on the unique needs of American agriculture. Today, Nationwide Agribusiness serves farms, ranches, commercial agribusinesses, and related operations across the country, and has grown to become America’s No. 1 insurer of farms and agriculture cooperatives.

This evolution of the small farmers’ mutual to the nation’s largest farm insurer is not surprising given that Nationwide was founded by the Ohio Farm Bureau and has maintained its interest in serving agriculture and Farm Bureau members throughout the United States.

Throughout, it has maintained a century-long tradition of trust and integrity, customer-first service and industry leading specialization in ag-related safety training, claims handling and risk solutions.

Farm Specialization

Nationwide Agribusiness Farm Certified agents are trained to understand the newest innovations and related risks in farm operations. They perform On Your Side® Farm Reviews to help customers achieve long-term business goals. Nationwide Agribusiness’ industry-leading risk management specialists work with customers to help prevent losses before they occur, and to return farms to full operation when covered losses do occur. Nationwide Agribusiness also provides discounted rates on farm insurance for Ohio Farm Bureau members.

Nationwide Agribusiness operates in 46 states. In addition to insuring grain elevators, feed mills and dairy farms, the insurer serves food processors, sugar refineries, implement dealers and ag-related businesses such as nurseries and greenhouses and related industries along the food, fuel and fiber chains.

Nationwide Agribusiness supports the long-term viability of the agriculture industry through active sponsorship of many national and local agricultural and social services organizations in communities across the country. Nationwide, Nationwide Agribusiness and their employees provide ongoing support through the Nationwide Foundation for organizations such as FFA, 4-H, American Farm Bureau Foundation, Farm Safety 4 Just Kids, United Way and the American Red Cross.

For more information about Nationwide Agribusiness, locating a Nationwide Agribusiness Farm Certified agent or asking about an On Your Side® Farm Review, visit the Nationwide website for Farm Bureau members, or contact a local Nationwide Insurance agent.

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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