Farmers consider consumer trust, animal care, regulations at OLC annual meeting

The Ohio Livestock Coalition’s annual meeting and industry symposium in April 2011 examined legal, regulatory and public relations issues facing farmers.

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Rethinking consumer outreach would benefit farmers: New research is showing that the way farmers have traditionally reached out to consumers is not the most effective approach. When it comets to building trust, here are three concepts to consider from the Center for Food Integrity’s Charlie Arnot.

Creative thinking can improve animals care: Joy Mench, an animal scientist from the University of California, Davis presented a model that divided animal care considerations into three categories: Mind, Nature and Body. Read what each means, and what consuemrs think should be given the most consideration. Mench adds other concerns as well.

Animal advocates, farmers both pushing for standards: Peggy Kirk Hall, director of Ohio State University’s agricultural law program, said farm animal care standards have been established in two phases. The first phase started with animal advocacay groups and the second consisting of legislation backed by agricultural groups. Read more at the link above.

State, farmers continue efforts to improve Grand Lake St. Marys: Regulators are planning to continue to work with farmers following the release of new rules resulting from pollution concerns in the Grand lake St. Marys watershed. Rob Hamilton of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Soil and Water Resources shred an update on the situation with annual meeting attendees.

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