Tom & Bev Theobald, Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market

Diary of Bev Theobald- Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market- Week 2- May 9-15, 2011

Monday, May 9       

We have had 2 days without rain and Tom is very anxious to get into the fields.  This morning he started at 8:00 getting all jobs done for the 10:00 am opening time.  Brian is usually out by 7:00 in order to get early jobs done before seeing the kids off to school.  These jobs include clean up and getting our produce out to the feed bunk for sale.         At 10:00 our help is here to run the barn sales.  Tom and Brian have the tractors hooked up to cultivate and side dress fertilizer onto the sweet corn.  We have lost about a third of the beans to the flood waters, so Tom will replant those.       

We have made a decision to change vendors for our pop sales.   Tomorrow will be the day to change out the refrigerated sales coolers.  We have 4 to exchange, one in each barn and an outdoor vending machine.  We hope our customers will be satisfied.  We will now be able to offer products at a savings to the customer and still make as much money on our end.  To the consumer and the retailer, most everything is about $$$$$.       Good news on the home front…..Today Brian and Suzi are able to move the family back home.   The waters have receded in the basement and the forecast is not too threatening for more rain.   

Tuesday, May 10     

Tom is hauling in more flowers this morning.  He and Brian are working in the fields again today.   They are able to plant 2 varieties of sweet corn and 3 more varieties of beans.  They were also able to cultivate through the original crops.  That keeps weeds down and helps the plants grow.  They finished about 2:30 and rain showers started at the very same time.  Tom was delighted to beat it this time!       For me, it was a day in the office, catching up on the bills.  I also was needed for the deli sales, etc, as we traded workers in the middle of the day.   Our regular girl had a sick child to attend to.  I called in another girl to sub for me and I was once again in the backup role.  

Wednesday, May 11      

Tom and Brian are out early snapping asparagus.  This is the first crop fresh from the Barn-n-Bunk fields each spring.  April was colder than normal, so the asparagus was slow to come on this year.  Today is going to be warm and sunny—in the 80’ss.  In this type of weather, the asparagus grows rapidly…maybe 4″ to 6″ a day.  We snap it in the morning, bending it over until it snaps off.  That way, the consumer has no waste to cut off; everything is tender. (unlike what you will buy in the grocery stores)   We will continue to harvest asparagus through most of the month of May, depending on the weather.        Flowers are watered today with fertizer included.  Flower sales continue to be good, as people are able to think about getting in to the flower beds.       Tom is hoeing weeds in the peas.  They are now blooming.  This will be our next fresh vegetable from our fields—snow peas for salads, stir frys.       A customer came in for fresh rhubarb for a pie.   I went to the rhubarb patch.  Sure enough, a few stalks were big enough.   Snow peas will take a back seat to rhubarb, our 2nd B-n-B crop.  Most of the rhubarb will take another week or 2.     Today, we closed out inventory on Mothers Day cards and filled out paperwork to return cards.  We then put out Fathers Day and Graduation cards.  All are located in the Ice Cream shop.  We try to carry everything a customer might need for a gift including cards and gift bags.       Closed at 6.   Home for supper and laundry.    

Thursday, May 12    

Brian and Tom preparing for a field trip this morning.  We have 30 preschoolers from a Trenton day care.   There are flowers to cut and pots to fill with soil.  Tom takes tractors and implements out of the barn to show the children.  He also has to shine them up….just because Tom wants everything shined up at B-n-B.         8:30 am – Scott and Brian snapping asparagus.       9:30 am –  Preschoolers arriving.   The children listen to Tom explain about the way crops are planted; they walk out to the fields to take a look at what is already growing.  Brian shows them flowers in the greenhouse and talks about what elements are needed for growth—-sunshine, water, food.  They will plant a small pot of flowers to take home.  The teachers will take along seeds and peat wafers to plant at school so children can watch plants grow day by day.        10:00 am – Main barns open for business.      3:00 pm – Edgewood Track teams arriving for a free ice cream cone—Coach’s treat.  They have run here across the fields from practice and will jog or walk back after their treat.  Tomorrow will be finals for the league meet.   

Friday, May 13    

Deliveries this morning early—Amish meats, cheese.  We are still getting deliveries from the food show orders done in March.  New products and special prices.  Now produce deliveries.  Today we get the first large watermelons, coming from the South.  We will use them on our Sunday Brunch salad bar.       Today, we have a new trainee in the Deli.   Our regular girl has Prom and a school play the next 2 weekends.  We always work around the students’ schedules, as most of them are involved in a lot of activities.  If you want the best help, you have to be flexible.  Kristy is 18 and a student at Miami U.  She is learning fast.   

Saturday, May 14    

Today, the Crazy Horse 4-H Club has planned a Car & Bike Show to raise money for the local animal shelter.  We have light rain until noon, but the decision is to go ahead with plans…just delay judging.  We have a DJ and lots of trophies and door prizes.  By 3:00, we have about 30 cars and 1 bike.  After judging, a light rain started again, and everyone started home.  We had lots of good food, music, and fun… spite of the weather.    

Sunday, May 15    

Again, we have light rain…what else?   We open for Sunday Brunch Buffet at 10:30.  We have added our home grown asparagus to the menu today.  Most people are delighted…. we always remind them to get more at the main barn where it is sold there by the pound.  Our crowd is much lighter today than Mothers Day.  We must adjust.          







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