Diary of Cleo Gerber – Week 1 – May 1-8, 2011

Sunday, May 1

Went to Church. There is so much rain standing in the fields, they are like ponds. We have had over 15 inches of rain in April. Usually we have our corn planted by the end of April, but not this year. We will plant 700 acres of corn and 600 acres of soybeans.

Monday, May 2

Every morning the cattle are fed at 3 different feed lots. The cows and calves are also checked every day. Gary, our son has been taking semi loads of corn to Cincinnati. This is corn grown last year and has been stored in grain bins. Since we do not need it to feed. we are selling it.

Tuesday, May 3

I volunteer at an office on Tuesday mornings. Tuesday is the only day I do not have to fix a noon meal as Jerry goes to a cattle auction. Gary hauled more corn to Cincinnati.

Wednesday, May 4

Over the last few week Gary has been artificially inseminating (AI) a group of heifers. Today they put a bull with them and moved them to another farm.

Thursday, May 5 Jerry and Gary are getting frustrated with the weather. The joys of farming. Gary hauled more corn to Cincinnati.

Friday, May 6

I mowed grass at one of the barn lots, I got stuck before I was finished. They had to pull the mower out with a truck. The guys have been working in the shop, they do most of their repair work.

Saturday, May 7

I mowed grass at my house today, it takes about 2 hours. I didn’t get stuck. The guys are checking the fences on one of the farms, getting ready to let more cows and calves out. I think the deer like to destory the fences.

Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother’s Day. We went to Church. Went to Lexington, KY, as we had a grandson graduate from the University of Kentucky. Go Wildcats. Since it is still wet, Jerry and I decided to take a few days off and went to Pidgeon Forge, TN



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