Farmers rallied at the Statehouse earlier this year. Now more steps are needed to help end the Estate Tax.

ACTION ALERT: Take the next step to help end Ohio’s Estate Tax

Recently, the Ohio House of Representatives passed HB 153 – the state budget bill which includes a provision to repeal the Ohio Estate Tax. The Ohio Senate is now considering HB 153 and our Senators need to hear from Ohio farmers about the importance of repealing the estate tax.

Without widespread grassroots support this provision could be stripped from the bill.

Repeal of the estate tax has long been a priority for Ohio Farm Bureau members.

On average, 84 percent of farm assets are held in land, machinery and equipment. Burdensome estate taxes can cause the loss or break-up of family farms when heirs are forced to sell assets to pay the tax and/or administrative costs.

Elimination of the estate tax will allow additional generations to keep their land in farming, strengthen the rural economy and preserve agricultural heritage.

Please take a minute RIGHT NOW to contact your legislator to ask that he or she support keeping this provision in the budget bill as it moves through the legislative process.

This action alert is very time sensitive, as the Senate is expected to vote on the bill by the end of May. Please call or send an email today, even if you think your Senator already supports eliminating the estate tax.


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Read about farmers’ recent efforts at the Ohio Statehouse to repeal the estate tax.

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