Tom & Bev Theobald, Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market

Diary of Bev Theobald- Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market- Week 3- May 16-22, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

  Today feels like Fall.   It is cold ….Temperatures in low 50’s….and damp.  On the business side, we had a merchandiser freezer shut down on Saturday.  We lost frozen fruits and desserts.  We have a local company, Tucker Heating & AC, that does our refrigeration work.  They checked in over the weekend and have ordered parts already.  Tom keeps up with general maintenance, but we often need special repairs.       Today we are putting orders together and cleaning up after the weekend.  Emma and her family stopped by to take a look at the 1893 Barn.   Emma has a wedding reception here in June and had more questions about the plans.  We are now booking receptions into 2012. 

Tuesday, May 17

   The Tucker brothers are here early to repair our freezer.  The timer was at fault.  It was still under warranty from last summer when it was replaced.   While they are here, Tom has them check out 2 other refrigerator units.  We have almost always purchased used equipment for the business.  Sometimes, we have a lot of repairs.       This is a very quiet day for business.  It is raining lightly most of the day.  I decided to take a water sample to Test America this afternoon.  We take a sample once every quarter of the year,   Test results are then filed with our county health department to assure that we are in compliance with standards.      

     It is still raining, so we called off our afternoon extra help.   It is hard to pay help when there are no customers.       Brian had a doctor appointment today.  He is scheduled to have knee surgery next Thursday.  His track coaching job will  soon be over, as this week the team will participate in the district meet at Dayton Welcome Stadium.   

Wednesday, May 18th

     Another quiet day.   I took the morning to shop for weekly supplies for the buffet.  We have no special events this week in the 1893 Barn.   

Thursday, May 19th    

    Tom is mowing grass today….we have a break in the  rain….you must be quick to get the mowing done before the next shower.  We also have truck deliveries today.   

Friday, May 20th

     This is a very busy day!   We start early–about 8am.  This is the start of the Trenton Garage Sale Weekend.   We have rented a few spaces for people to set up booths with sales.   There are lots  of people here in Trenton for this event and we are trying to attract them to our market, as well.      

     Tom and Brian are also getting ready for a small tour group, as last week.  This group arrived about 10:30 am. and finished up about 11:30.   Lisa has the day off to attend a field trip and we are short one employee until Casey arrives after school.  Everybody just pitches in to help as needed.  Tom even found time to cultivate his beets, onions, peas, corn and beans.  The guys also snapped asparagus this morning.   We sold about 50 pounds today.   

Saturday, May 21 

     Another busy day!!   The garage sale crowd did come to see us…both barns were very busy.   We served lots of sandwiches and ice cream.  Also, the flowers are now on sale and those were popular.   Tom mowed off the asparagus crop.  That will end it’s season.  He and Brian also got out in the fields to plant more sweet corn (3 varieties) and beans (4 varieties).  Tom also was able to work up the ground for planting the corn maze sometime soon.  Tom and Brian were in the fields for about 3 hours today.   I helped as an extra in the barns throughout the day. Today we closed at 5:00 pm.   Tom and I were able to attend our Seven Mile Alumni banquet at 6:30.   We totaly enjoyed seeing our friends from the past. 

Sunday, May 22

     Today’s Sunday Brunch started out with beautiful weather.  We had a steady crowd today with a total of about 180 guests by 3:00.   There was a pop up shower about 4:00 and by Monday morning we had a total of 1 3/4 inches of rain.      

     This evening we took a needed break to celebrate 2 birthdays—Suzi and Kelly.   All of the kids and grandkids were with us at the farm house (Brian & Suzi’s).  We always enjoy getting together….we really don’t need a reason.  (But cake is always good!)







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