Jerry & Cleo Gerber

Diary of Cleo Gerber – Week 3 – May 16-22, 2011

Monday, May 16
Every day starts out with feeding the cattle at the different areas.  The ration is corn, silage, brewers grain and hay mixed together,  We drove some cows and calves to another farm, just like the old west. Jerry is chisel plowing some of the fields to break them open so they dry out before planting.
Tuesday, May 17
Jerry went to the weekly auction today, bought 12 head of cattle.  I went to Oxford to volunteer at an office. They are working more ground.
Wednesday, May 18
Jerry and I left about 1 p.m. to make a repair and feed run. First stop was an implement dealer to get disk parts; next was an electric shop to get two new motors for some augers; then to a livestock health store to get some cattle vaccines and last stop was a feed store to get one ton of feed. We got home about 5 p.m.  I had a FFA Alumni meeting that evening.
Thursday, May 19
I mowed grass today, both the barn lot and our house, about five hours worth.  Gary had three cows that they put embryros in.  An embro is implanted one week after the cow comes in heat. 
Friday, May 20
I had to go to town to get a tire that Jerry took in yesterday to be repaired. Jerry is working ground and Gary is planting corn.  We are hoping for several dry days.
Saturday, May 21
Every day Jerry goes to a local restaurant at 6 p.m. for coffee, but on Saturdays he and his friends eat breakfast.  When he got home, he went to the field to work ground.  Gary is planting corn.
Sunday, May 22
We went to Church. The guys usually don’t do field work on Sunday, but since they are so far behind, they are working today.  We have 550 acres of corn planted, about 150 acres to go.  It costs about $350 per acre to put out corn, this includes seed, fertilizer, spray and fuel.  The John Deere pictured is valued at over $60,000 used.  Farmers have a lot invested.





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