Tom & Bev Theobald, Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market

Diary of Bev Theobald- Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market- Week 4- May 23-29, 2011

Monday, May 23    

Everything must fit into a tight schedule for me today.  Even so, I started the day with a visit to Hawthorn Glen to visit with my dad,  I try to stop in almost every day, as Dad is now 91, but doing well with extra help.       It is our day to order meats & cheeses for the deli.  Scott and I are setting up the 1893 Barn for a Tuesday event—a senior awards night for the Butler Tech Natural Science Programs.   Afternoon is here and we still need to cut 100 pounds of meats for the buffet.  Laney comes in at 3:00 pm.  She will start that process.  I still need to go to town for supplies.       I return to the market at 5:00.  Laney has cut 66 pounds of meats.  We will continue tomorrow with cutting.       We close at 6:00.  Tom and I rush into Trenton for a meeting regarding Christmas in Trenton.  This is the first planning meeting for the December, 2011 event.   At 7:00 we hear sirens in town.   The tornado alert system has been activated.  All of Butler County is on alert for 3 to 4 hours.  Everyone left the meeting and headed home.  Fortunately, no tornadoes. 

Tuesday, May 24     

Tom & Brian started early, as usual.   At 9:00 am, the Butler Tech bus arrived with students and staff.  They worked setting up table groups, decorating, and then practicing the awards program.  At noon, they finished and left.  Lisa and I continued the meat slicing until we reached the 100 pound goal.  I continued setting up drink and cake stations.  We will have 285 guests.       

Meanwhile, Tom helped my brother Bob cutting up a 50 ft. pine tree that had fallen in the storm last night.  He also did maintenance work on tractors, changing oil and filters.  Casey worked on welding for Bob—Casey is in the welding program at Butler Tech.      

At 6:00 some families started arriving for the Awards Program.  7:00 was time to start the buffet.  Scott, Kelly, and Corey served the buffet.  All went smoothly.   At 8:00, the program started.  All complete by 9:00.       Clean up was ongoing for this event.  Kitchen work was done about 9:30.  General clean up was complete by 10:30 pm.  We are all headed home.   (We missed American Idol, but we are still trying to get votes in for our favorite finalist.) 

Wednesday, May 25    

Today, the “heat” is off….no big event today.  We are still returning a wagon in the loft to original positioning.   Family members with an upcoming wedding reception stopped by to measure for tables in the 1893 Barn.      

We still have light rain and tornado alert again for Butler and Warren Counties.  At 5:30 pm, we lost all power.  We finished cleaning up and closed early.  All of Trenton was without power until 8:00 pm.   

Thursday, May 26       

Brian is scheduled for knee surgery early this morning.  I arrived at the farmhouse at 7:20 am to assure that Brooks got on the bus OK.  Brian & Suzi were back home by late morning.  We will cover for him at the barn today.      

It is already raining by 9:30 am.  I am in town for supplies, making my rounds and getting a few extras.  Back to Barn-n-Bunk by 12 noon.     

Chairs delivered this morning for the outdoor wedding on Saturday.  We will store them in a trailer until they set up.  Another groom-to-be stopped by with a deposit for his wedding in December.      

Rain continued all afternoon.    

Friday, May 27    

Today we are cleaning up for the evening events….Wedding rehearsal at 5:30 pm and Bluegrass music and cruise-in at 6:00 pm.  The weather is still very cloudy even though there is only a hint of rain.  The wedding group came to set up the barn for the reception about 3:30 pm.  They are doing well, keeping decoraions simple.  I am here to assist in ideas for the set up and table placement.     

At 5:00. we have extra help arriving for the Deli/ Ice Cream Barn.  We will give out coupons for T-shirts and Ice cream to cruise cars.  Our deli help will take care of collecting coupons and getting shirts and IC.  They were busy until 8:00.  The event was over at 9:00.  We were home by 10:00.   Tired. 

Saturday, May 28     

Today we finally have a very sunny day.  At 9:00 am, we have 2 boys picking our sugar snap peas.  This may be the only picking of that crop. The peas will not hold up under a lot of heat—the weather prediction shows several days in the 90’s ahead.  Casey comes in to cover register at 10:00 and Jordan keeps picking until about 3:00.  Brian and family are in northeast Ohio for the weekend, so I help with backup in the main barn today.  Tom is in and out to help as he can.      

We have 2 girls helping in the deli barn today.  It is usually busy on the weekends and the holiday makes it even busier.  We have about 70 pounds of meat to cut just for the reception and buffet.  They work this in around the walk-in deli orders.      

At 5:00, we are closing the market, but the wedding crowd is just arriving.  All is very pretty outside for them.  Wedding at 5:30 and reception follows.  Clean up at 10:00 and heading home at 12 midnight.  

Sunday, May 29    

Scott is here by 8:00 to cut up the pulled pork for the buffet.  That is slow roasted overnight.  Tom and I are here by 8:45 to set up for the 2 main barns—Brian still gone and will return later tonight.  Rental company here to pick up the chairs for the outdoor wedding Saturday evening.     

It is 90 degrees today.  We have a slower, steady day in the Buffet and steady/busy in the main barn and deli.  We will close on Monday for Memorial Day.  Tom and I will take off for a real day of rest.   Tuesday is predicted to be without rain, so Tom can continue his planting on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

 I am now signing off for Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market.  Feel free to call us or stop by with any questions.  It has been our pleasure to assist Farm Bureau in this  effort.   Thanks again, Bev







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