Jerry & Cleo Gerber

Diary of Cleo Gerber – Week 4 – May 23-31, 2011

Monday, May 23

Everyday the cattle are fed the first thing.  The cows and calves are checked also.  They are out in a couple different pastures now.  When the cows were turned out, bulls were put with them, so if they did not get bred by AI or embro transplant, the bulls will breed them. It rained yesterday, so no field work today. I have to fix a noon meat most everyday for Jerry and our grandson, Ryan is here on week-ends. Today is one of our daughter’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Marcia. Jerry and I belong to a square dance club.  We dance on the 2nd and 4th Monday nights.  So tonight is dance night. 

Tuesday, May 24 

I am the office manager of our Church.  We only have about 50 families.  Since we are so small, we only have a bulletin once a month.  I worked on that this morning. Jerry went to his weekly cattle auction,  didn’t buy anything. I mowed grass here at home today. 

Wednesday, May 25 

The guys are working in the shop. They are getting the hay mower ready.  We also have a hay truck that picks up the bales.  They had trouble finding a fuel filter for it.  This truck picks up the bales that the baler drops on the ground. It stacks 169 bales. You take this to the barn and back it in and unload the stack.  No one has to touch the bales.  Saves a lot of labor. 

Thursday, May 26 

We have a hog finishing building that we rent, but it has been empty.  This morning there was 1096 pigs, weighing about 55 lbs delivered. In 5 to 6 months. they will weigh about 270 lbs, that is ideal weigt to sell them. Jerry and Gary went to look at a used JD mower.  The one of the farms needed a replacement.  They bought it. 

Friday, May 27

 Gary went to pick up mower.  They took the deck off the old mower and took it to the implement dealer to repair.  We can always use a extra lawn mower. Tomorrow is my birthday. Two of my daughters,  my son and daughter-in-law, took me out to lunch.  It was very nice.  Jerry took me out tonight.  Two celebrations in one day. 

Saturday, May 28

Still too wet to do any field work.  Jerry and I went to a local greenhouse and bought flowers to take to my parents and his Dad’s graves.  We also bought flowers to plant in the pots on my porch. We go to a dance almost every Saturday night.  It’s ballroom type dancing.  Dancing is our exercise. 

Sunday, May 29 

Went to Church. Jerry worked in the shop a couple of hours, our grandson was helping him. We had to go to town to get electric switch box breakers for the water pump that supplies the water for all the animals at the main farm.  Even have break downs on Sunday. Someone else mowed the barn lot this time. 

Monday, May 30 

Jerry mowed a field of hay today. Gary tried planting corn, but is is still muddy.  We had over 2 1/2 inches of rain in the last week. I mowed grass, it sure is growing. Our family got together for a picnic in observance of the holiday. 

Tuesday, May 31 

Jerry went to his weekly cattle auction, but didn’t buy anything.  Cattle are still to high. Gary finished planting a field of corn.  He brought the tractor and planter home, as he had to clean all the corn out of the planter, before he could start planting soybeans today. They have about 700 acres to plant. Our hired man is tedding the hay they mowed yesterday. A tedder is an implement that spreads the hay out to dry. Good bye, hope you enjoyed hearing about some of the things the Gerbers do.

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