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Diary of Gary Geber- Week 1 & 2, June 1-12, 2011

Wednesday, June 1st-Saturday, June 4th:

This week so far has been extremely busy for me.  Since we had all of that rain, all of our planting has been delayed and I’m trying to catch up.  The last couple of days have mostly been very similar with us trying to finish planting all of our beans because our corn is finally done.

Sunday, June 5

We went to church this morning.  My family belongs to St. Mary’s Parrish in Camden.  I came home after church and worked around the farm for a little bit.  After lunch, I went and planted soybeans, which should be finished tomorrow or very soon.

Monday, June 6

We mowed two batches of hay this morning and finished planting all of our beans this afternoon.  It is always a great feeling when you get all of your crops planted.  All of our planting has been delayed at least a month because of all of the rain we had in April and May.

Tuesday, June 7

We hauled a load of fat cattle to Eaton to United producers this morning.  The term “fat cattle” is just what we use to mean the cattle that we buy, feed out, and sell for beef.  Most of our fat cattle are shipped directly to the packer, but we have to haul them up there to be weighed.  After lunch, we raked and baled some hay that was cut on Saturday.  We make around 120 acres of hay.  The grass hay gets cut twice through the summer, while the alfalfa hay usually gets cut 3 to 4 times per year.  We typically feed most of the first cutting to our animals and sell the later cutting to mostly horse farms.

Wednesday, June 8

After we finished feeding, we headed to a pasture about 20 miles away that we rent to run our replacement heifers on.  The cows decided to get out, so we had to put them back in and fix the fence.  That afternoon and for most of the rest of that day, we worked on hay.

Thursday, June 9

I ran to Eaton to the New Holland dealer this morning.  We bought a new round baler back in the winter and the electrical box decided not to work properly, so I had to get it replaced.  This morning, I dropped a tractor tire off to get repaired at the Goodyear tire store while I was up there.  I completed my morning by stopping and getting some chemicals to start spraying corn and picked up two tanks of Anhydrous Ammonia to start sidedressing corn.  After lunch, we moved some of the round bales off the hay field to be put in the barn.  Then I finished the day by bailing hay.

Friday, June 10

I went over to the farm this morning to find that in one of the feedlots, the gate was knocked down over night and the cattle were running around the barnyard.  They had been out for most of the night, so putting them away wasn’t too bad.  After putting the cattle back in the feedlot, I hooked up the anhydrous toolbar and got started in the afternoon with sidedressing corn.  This is done to apply nitrogen to the corn.  We usually try to put it on before we plant, but because of the crazy weather lately, I only had about 500 acres on before we had planted. If you have been reading my daughters diary lately, she has told you that all of the girls in the family are gone and that left Clayton with me for the weekend.  So we went out for supper with some friends and had a guys night out.

Saturday, June 11

We put some feeder calves in the barn that the kids will be taking to fair this year.  I’m trying to wean them off their moms so we are able to take them.  I still let them nurse twice a day for a couple of weeks, but we can start to put halters on them and start breaking them.  We sprayed some of the corn after lunch and started cleaning up some of the tillage tools so they can be put away.

Sunday, June 12

Kelli and I went to church this morning and then stopped at an FFA pancake breakfast in West Elkton to eat.  We cut a little more hay this afternoon and then left for Kelli’s dance recital.  After supper, I helped the kids work with their steers and pigs that they are taking to fair.







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