Andy Korb

Diary of Andy Korb – Week 1- 5/29-6/5/11

Sunday 5/29

Today I traveled to Wooster, Ohio for the Great Lakes sheep show and sale. I stopped in Eaton on the way and picked up a portable auction block that we use for the auction.  On the trailer behind the block were 2 sheep feeders that Dad and I had made that we no longer use, so I was taking them to Wooster to sell in the consignment sale before the actual live animal auction.  The sale went great and had better prices than most in the past.  On the way home I stopped in West Salem, Ohio and picked up 2 Jersey bull calves that were about 4 days old. They are very young so they still need to be fed milk replacer until they are about 5 weeks old. My little sister Allison went with me and we didn’t get home that night until 11:30 p.m.

Monday 5/30

The mornings always start out with the daily chores. Feeding the baby calves milk and giving all of the younger lambs grain as well as good hay and clean fresh water. The older ewes are just out on pasture now and don’t need any grain to supplement their energy requirements in addition to the forages. I met with 2 large horse stables today about nutritional opportunities with Kalmbach Feeds and how we could design a program tailored to their operation. I came home a little early and mowed hay on Dad’s place as well as another place I just started farming this year. After the hay was mowed, I went back out and called on a few more farms before doing chores at night again.

Tuesday 5/31

Today I got up extra early and did most of the feeding before I left and called on a few farms. I came home and fed the babies a little later as it is very important they get fed 12 hours apart every day. Their stomachs are very fragile at that young of an age so anything you can do to keep things consistent the easier it is to keep them from getting sick. I tedded hay today to help it dry out a little faster on everything I had mowed the day before. In the afternoon I went back out and called on a few more farms. I did get one cattle feedlot operation to start feeding a complete feed in addition to silage and another horse farm to do a trial.

Wednesday 6/1

A big feed order came in to mill in Pershing so I went and picked up orders that I had taken from the week before. This is crunch time as I leave for Reno, Nevada tomorrow and have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done. I delivered feed to 7 farms in Butler, Dearborn, and Union counties. Yikes, not enough time. In the early afternoon, I came home and raked hay to help it dry a little more as well as put it in a windrow so it’s easier for the baler to pick it up. Later in the day I started square baling at my new farm while Dad round baled at his place and came down and finished the bottom field where I was at. We unloaded square bales late evening and I moved all of the round bales into the barn just in case it rained while I was gone. Bed time is late tonight.

Thursday 6/2

Today I auctioneered at United Producers Livestock in Bucyrus, Ohio. I sell the hogs, sheep, and goats there every week. I left the stockyards as soon as I could and scurried to Columbus so I could catch my flight that evening. Luckily I made the flight, switched planes in Denver, Colorado, and landed in Reno, Nevada at about 3:30 a.m. our time.

Friday 6/3

Today is the Nugget All American Sheep Show and Sale in Reno. I am staying in John Ascuaga’s The Nugget Hotel and Casino. This is one of the coolest sales I go to all year. The hotel staff shuts down the bottom level of the parking garage and set pens up and house the sheep there during the event.  The show is held in a breezeway outside of the parking garage. There are about 10 breeds of sheep that show in addition to Boer goats. The show lasted until about 3:00 and then it was social hour and rubbing elbows time the rest of the day. Dad updated me that they finished planting corn today.

Saturday 6/4

Today is the auction for the show that was held yesterday. We started at 9 a.m. and didn’t finish until about 6 p.m.  That is a long sale.  The auction is held inside of the casino on the stage of the theater they have for general performances. It’s interesting to see people peek their heads in that don’t have any contact with animals and watch in amazement.

Sunday 6/5

It’s a pretty uneventful day today and this is the worst part of this sale. Travel Time! Blah. My flight leaves at 1:00 their time and gets back in Columbus at 11:30 p.m. our time changing planes in Chicago. O’hare… you are too big. Dad called me while I was on my way home and said I had a sick calf. I was going to stay in Columbus tonight but taking care of the baby calf is more important. I pulled in the drive at 2:00 a.m. and took care of the baby before going to bed.







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