Andy Korb

Diary of Andy Korb – Week 2 – 6/6-6/12/11

Monday 6/6

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  Late nights tend to do that. I fed the babies and younger lambs and gave some of the lambs medication to get them over pink eye. I called on some farms today about selling feed and came home that afternoon to move round bales into the barn that were baled while I was gone in Reno.

Tuesday 6/7

After my daily feeding this morning, we had a sales meeting in Pershing that was pretty routine. I loaded the truck up while I was there and made some feed deliveries on the way home and got ready to deliver more for tomorrow.

Wednesday 6/8

I fed the baby calves, and younger lambs this morning before I went back to Pershing and picked up the rest of the feed that I couldn’t get yesterday. I called on quite a few farms in addition to a couple of feed stores to see if they want to start carrying Kalmbach Feeds.

Thursday 6/9

After feeding the calves and sheep, I went to a neighbors and picked up a Holstein steer to take with me to Producers.  On the way, I stopped at another place and picked up 12 fat lambs to put in the back of the trailer. The trip up went great and prices are still holding strong as we enter into the summer months. On the way home I stopped in Upper Sandusky at Kalmbach’s main mill and picked up some feed we didn’t have in stock at Pershing. I called on a goat and hog farm while I was up there to try and service what they need feed wise. I left and started heading home and blew a headgasket on my Dodge about 3 hours from home. Not good. I called one guy from Upper Sandusky and he picked up my truck, and another friend from Columbus came and picked up me and my trailer up to at least get it to Columbus.  I got to Columbus late and decided to spend the night there.

Friday 6/10

I got up and headed for home in a car I borrowed from the auctioneer I usually work with. Thank goodness people are so willing to help. I worked in the morning and early afternoon, and then took Dad’s truck to Columbus to retrieve my stock trailer. On the way home I dropped off the sheep I had purchased for another individual yesterday, and then trimmed some sheep at another location for a show tomorrow.

Saturday 6/11

Today is sheep shearing day. I have 31 head of sheep to shear at 4 different farms. I started over near Jacksonburg in the morning and sheared 9 sheep, moved to Hamilton area and sheared 3, then sheared 7 near Millville, and finally finished with 12 near Morning Sun. It’s rough work, but definitely well worth the time invested. I also bought a feed grinder today for parts. It is in pretty decent shape so hopefully it works for what we need it for.

Sunday 6/12

Today is my catch up day. Went to church, and ate breakfast real quick when we got home. I hooked up the bushhog to the tractor and mowed brush down most of the day in addition to helping Dad load round bales on to the trailer to deliver them to a local horse person. We also wormed the old ewes as well as the llama that is running with them. The llama is very important as a guard animal to protect the sheep in case there is pressure from predators. Ie coyotes, or stray dogs.







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