Kelli Gerber

Diary of Kelli Gerber – Week 3, June 13-19, 2011

Monday, June 13

This morning I woke up and went outside to feed my steers.  After feeding, I worked on stuff around the house and some stuff outside for a couple of hours.  By the time I got done working, it was already time to feed again.  When I finished feeding my animals, I went out to eat with my dad because everyone else was at my sister’s basketball game.  When we got home, we went outside and dad helped me work with all of my animals.  After washing and working with the animals, we let the steers out, and then came inside and went to bed.

Tuesday, June 14

Today I woke up, went out to feed my steers, and then went over to the farm.  We tied up all of the feeder calves and then walked the pigs.  When we got done, I stayed at the farm and helped dad clean out the hay barn so he could start bringing the hay out of the fields into the barn.  After cleaning, I was given the task to hook up the truck to the stock trailer.  It took me a couple of tries, but I got it and was very proud of myself.  Then I came back home and worked on my room a little bit.  After that, I went out to go feed my steers again.  Then my mom and I took my brother to and dropped him off at 4-H camp.  He looked a little scared at first, but very quickly made friends and joined in with the fun.  After dropping him off, we came home and I went out and worked with my steers.  When I was done working with my steers, I let them out and then went to bed.

Wednesday, June 15

I woke up this morning and then went out and fed my steers.  After I fed, my friend’s mom picked me up and we went to a livestock clinic at the Preble County Fairgrounds.  You were allowed to pick two different species to go to for the two sessions.  We chose to go the hog and cattle sessions.  In each session, they taught us about nutrition, general management and care, and showmanship.  After the clinic, we went to the Rodeo Shop so we could get some things that my friend’s brother needed.  When we got home, my friend and I left to go get manicures and pedicures for the trip that I’m taking next week.  When I finally got home from that, I fed my steers, worked with all of my animals, let my steers out, and then came in and went to bed.

Thursday, June 16

Today I woke up, fed my steers, and then left for soccer workouts.  This was my first workout so it was a little tough, but I got through it.  When I got home from workouts, I got ready and then left to go buy books for AP English next year, get my new phone, and to go to my sister’s basketball game.  When we got home from her game, I fed my steers, walked pigs, worked with my steers, let them out, and then went to bed.

Friday, June 17

This morning I woke up and fed my steers.  When it was time to leave, I drove all the way to pick up my bother from 4-H camp and all the way back home.  He had a blast at camp and says that he already wants to sign up for next year.  When we got back home it was time to feed my steers again.  After feeding, I walked pigs and washed my steers.  When I was done washing, I came inside and got ready to leave to go out to eat with my dad, because once again, everyone else was gone doing stuff.  When we got home, I let my steers out and went to bed.

Saturday, June 18

I woke up this morning, fed my steers, and then headed over to the farm.  At the farm, I walked pigs and then helped my cousin.  We had to pick up round bales, haul them back to the farm, and stack them up, and then cover them with a tarp.  The spear behind the tractor will raise and lower the round bales onto the wagon. After we got done stacking bales, I came home and washed my steers and then fed them.  Then I came inside, got ready, and left for a graduation party.  We stayed at the party for the rest of the night, and then came home to let my steers out and go to bed.

Sunday, June 19

This morning I woke up, fed my steers, and then got ready for church.  Dad and I went to church this morning by ourselves.  After church, we came home and then left to drive to go eat lunch with my mom’s side of the family for father’s day.  It was about an hour away, so by the time we got back home it was time to feed again.  After I fed, we left to go to dinner with my dad’s side of the family.  By this time, I was stuffed out of my mind and it felt like I wouldn’t have to eat for a week.  When dinner was over, I came home, let out my steers, and then went to bed.







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