is like a daily newspaper for what's happening on farms across the country

Group blog features top farmer bloggers across America

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Vistors to are greeted with questions such as “Have you ever wondered what happens on the farm?” “Do you want to know how the milk gets from the cow to you?” and “What does a rancher ride the prairie for?”

“From the California Valleys and Mountains to the Midwest plains, we have you covered” states the site, billed as a “virtual one stop shop to see what goes on beyond the farm gates as crops are planted, grown and harvested.”

A growing list of farmers and ranchers blog individually about daily farm life and their thoughts about agriculture, food, society and how all three are connected. But takes the concept one step further, automatically finding and posting new content from the individual blogs of 22 farmers and ranchers from throughout the country. Ohio contributors include Wayne County Farm Bureau member Mike Haley and his wife, Pam, an OFBF state trustee, and Geauga County dairy farmer and Farm Bureau member Brenda Hastings.

“ was created by several farmers who have a passion to tell their stories and connect with those interested in farms and farm life,” Haley said in a post introducing the blog.

The concept is focused on building the best content available, and to present it in an easy-to-read, fresh format. “It’s like a daily newspaper for what’s happening daily on a variety of farms using a variety of farming methods across America,” he said.

Features allow readers to vote and rank posts, see which entries are most popular and view posts broken down into 10 different categories. But the most valuable feature is that the blog makes it easier for people to follow farmers online.

“Instead of having to keep up with 30 different blogs and websites each day, people can now just check in on this one blog,” Haley said. is also connected to the “FollowFarmer” Twitter account, which hosts a database of more than 700 agricultural Twitter users, and the “Farmers” Facebook Page, which has more than 7,000 followers. Fans of the Facebook Page receive daily digests of new updates to the blog.

Here is a sample of a wide variety of topics farmers are on the site are blogging about: Children’s thoughts on calves; Planting progress; What a cow eats; 2012 Farm Bill thoughts; Seeding canola; Multiple farm photos; A farmer’s thoughts on the EPA, and a recipe for Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.


Stay up-to-date on what farmers are up to across the country at, and

Looking for another unique farm-related group blog? Check out, which features a group of blogging farm wives (including two Ohioans), who generate posts and conversation for women and mothers focused on family, cooking, crafting and gardening.

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