Gary & Cari Geber

Diary of Gary Geber- Week 3 & 4, June 13-26, 2011


Monday, June 13

After the morning chores were finished, I spent the rest of the morning checking electric fences.  In the afternoon, Dad and I went to Farm Service Agency office to certify our crops.  This is where you let them know which crops you plant in each field.  When I got back, I just worked on some stuff around the farm and helped the kids with their 4-H projects.

Tuesday, June 14

We took a load of fat Holsteins to the sale barn today.  When we got back from that, we spent the rest of the day raking and baling 45 acres of hay.

Wednesday, June 15

We finished putting away the hay in the barn this morning.  Some of our hay gets sold to different people, so we bale them in either small squares or large squares.  The hay that we use to feed our animals, we usually round bale.  After lunch I worked on side dressing corn. Side dressing is a term to describe applying nitrogen (fertilizer) into the ground about 2″ deep.

Thursday, June 16

We had .2” of rain over night, so we will have to put hay making on hold for a day or two.  Today, we were just able to spray some corn in the afternoon.

Friday, June 17

We finished up making our 1st cutting of hay today and then worked on spraying some more corn.  I finished off today by helping the kids with their 4-H animals.

Saturday, June 18

Today we mowed the waterways in the fields and sprayed the fencerows for any kind of weeds.  After lunch, I delivered a couple of feeder calves to a few families for their kids to take to fair this year.  When I got back, I just finished up mowing and spraying weeds.

Sunday, June 19

This morning, Kelli and I went to church.  When we got home, we went out for lunch with Cari’s side of the family.  I relaxed awhile in the house, and then went to go feed the animals. After I finished feeding, it was time to head over to my sister’s house to eat with my side of the family for Fathers Day.  When we got home, it was really late so we walked pigs and then went to bed.


Monday, June 20

After the morning chores were done, we began to tear down our last hog barn.  We still have a finish barn, which we rent out to people, but we no longer farrow anymore.  After we finish tearing down the farrowing barn, we plan to build a taller barn on the existing foundation for storage.  We tore down the barn for most of the rest of the day and then I helped the kids with their animals.

Tuesday, June 21

We hauled a load of fat cattle to the sale barn this morning.  Then I helped Lauren and Clayton with the 4-H animals because Kelli is in Washington D.C. for a leadership conference through FFA.  After lunch, we worked on gutting the inside of the farrowing barn.  This evening, I took Lauren back to ride her horse, which she is keeping at a neighbor’s house.

Wednesday, June 22

Cari’s dog got sick overnight so we decided to take her to the vet this morning.  They said that they wanted to keep her a while to check and watch her.  This afternoon, we got to spray some more corn.  After supper, I went out and washed Kelli’s steers with Clayton for her since she is gone.

Thursday, June 23

The vet called this morning and said that Peanut had an infection in which they had to spay her to remove the infection.  He also said that thy wanted to keep her for a couple of days and she probably wouldn’t be able to come home till Saturday.  We had another inch or rain overnight so we spent the rest of the day tearing down the barn.  I took Lauren back to ride again and then Clayton and I walked pigs and washed calves.

Friday, June 24

This morning I cut some hay for two of my neighbors.  Then after lunch, I checked on electric fences and sprayed more weeds.  Next I went to check on some wheat fields that will hopefully be ready to combine by the first of the week.  This evening, Clayton and Lauren went to walk pigs while I washed calves.

Saturday, June 25

We mowed more waterways and sprayed some more weeds this morning.  The news is saying that we will have more rain tonight, so I went ahead and raked and bailed the rest of what was cut today.  It wasn’t as dry as what I would have liked it to be, but I think it will keep and besides, its still better than it getting wet again.

Sunday, June 26

This morning I woke up and went to church.  When I got back, I did the morning chores and then went to pick up Kelli at the school because she got back from Washington.  After I picked her up, the whole family went out for lunch.  After lunch, I went and cut weeds around the bins and then helped Kelli set up for the 4-H meeting at our house.  After the meeting was over, we went out to eat with another family and then came home and went to bed.







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