Kelli Gerber

Diary of Kelli Gerber – Week 4, June 20-26, 2011

Monday, June 20

This morning I got up, fed my steers, and then walked my pigs.  After I got done with that, mom and I left to get some last minute stuff for my D.C. trip and to go watch my sisters game.  When we got home from her game, I fed my steers and then I worked with them.  When I was done working with them, I went and picked up my brother at Vacation Bible School.  After I picked him up, I packed my whole suitcase and then went to bed.

Tuesday, June 21

This morning I woke up, got ready, fed my steers, and left to drive to the school.  We left this morning for our Washington Leadership Conference through FFA. It is a one week conference held in Washington D.C.  When we arrived at the airport, we checked in and then all got Starbucks.  We had an hour and a half flight there, which wasn’t that bad and our school got to go with Talawanda and Ross.  When we landed, we retrieved our luggage and then boarded the metro to go to the hotel.  We checked into the hotel, dropped off our luggage, and then walked to McDonalds.  For this conference, everybody has to room with three people that you don’t know, so everybody was nervous.  After McDonalds, we had two sessions about the beginning of a monumental experience and a closer look at the WLC experience.  Then it was time for dinner and reflections.  Reflections were quite strange to me cause everyone sits there silent.  After being silent for a half hour, it was time to head up to our room for room checks and bedtime.

Wednesday, June 22

We got up this morning, had breakfast at the hotel and then traveled to D.C. Mall.  We had a session in the city where we went around to see the monuments which was supposed to help us understand our purpose.  Then we traveled to the hotel for lunch and two other sessions about understanding and living with our purposes.  Then we had some free time where we got to hang out with some of the new friends that we made.  Now it was time for dinner, the night tour of the monuments, and then of course, reflections.  The night tour was beautiful and was a whole lot of fun.  After a wonderful night in the city, we went back to the hotel for bed.

Thursday, June 23

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and then had a session about valuing people through civic engagement.  After our first session of the day, we traveled to the Capitol building for a tour, and took a tour of the Department of Agriculture where we got to meet Joe Shultz, whom is a Senior Economist and is on the committee that composes the Farm Bill every couple of years.  Then we went back to the hotel for lunch and a session about moving from me to we, more free time, dinner, and another session about finding the need.  After our last session, we had another set of reflections and then went to our rooms for bed.

Friday, June 24

Today we got up, ate breakfast and then traveled to Arlington Cemetery.  We went on a guided tour through the cemetery and then we got to watch the changing of the guards, which was a truly memorable experience.  After our tour concluded, we went back to the hotel for two sessions about taking action and building our personal plan of action.  After the second session, we had dinner and then had a session about making our plan a reality.  Then it was time for the Smithsonian Gallery Tour, where we got to show off our little group’s stuff.  After the gallery, we had more reflections and then went to bed.

Saturday, June 25

Today was our actual last day of the conference and everyone was really sad it was almost over.  When we got up, we ate and then traveled to our group’s service sites.  Every group had to complete two hours of community service.  My group’s job was to pick vegetables for a local vegetable farm.  It was a very good experience and we even got to hear President Obama speak.  He was speaking at a naval air force base, which was located right on the other side of the tree line around the vegetable farm.  After our service was over, we went to the Reagan Center to eat and then shop for souvenirs.  My chapter then went into the city to shop at some of the side stores, toured the Holocaust Museum, and then went to Georgetown Cupcake.  In case you haven’t heard of them, their cupcake shop has its own TV show called D.C. Cupcakes on the food channel.  Their cupcakes were amazing!!! After we got back to the hotel from the cupcake shop, we had dinner and then two sessions about living to serve and celebrating authenticity.  The last session concluded with a dance and an ice cream bar that was so much fun.  After the dance, we had our final reflections and then went to bed.

Sunday, June 26

This morning, we all had to wake up extremely early to arrive at the airport on time.  After we got there, we checked in and then got Cinnabons.  We had a very nice flight home that was pretty quick.  When we landed in Dayton, we got our luggage, and then drove back to our school.  Then my dad picked me up and our family went to Barn n Bunk to have lunch.  When we got home, I took a nap for a couple of hours, fed my steers and then got ready for a 4-H meeting.  The 4-H meeting was pretty short and I concluded it with a demonstration about pigs.  After everybody left, we went out to eat with another family and then came home and went to bed.



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