Andy Korb

Diary of Andy Korb – Week 3 – 6/20-6/26/11

Monday, June 20

This week is going to be very different than most. There is a tremendous amount of things to get done before I leave for Missouri tomorrow. After my daily chores I went to the mill to pick up some feed to deliver to my customers as there are quite a few to call on today. Tonight while feeding the baby calves, I started increasing the amount of milk powder in the milk mix to try and accelerate their growth a little more. The first 2-3 months of any animals life is critical for good nutrition and health as it sets the stage for the rest of their lives. Just like people, if they are malnourished in the beginning, animals have a hard time putting weight and condition on.

Tuesday, June 21

After chores I’ve been scrambling around trying to get feed delivered. I got set behind about 2 hours but hopefully it won’t make that much of a difference at the end of the day. About 2:00 I hit the road and headed for Sedalia, Missouri for the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. This was a very long 9 hour drive by myself.

Wednesday, June 22

This afternoon is the start of the sale. It is the biggest sheep sale in the country and I feel fortunate to be 1 of 12 people nationwide to be selected to be a part of it. My little sister Allison is feeding for me while I’m gone, and she called this morning to let me know I had a sick calf with scours. I would normally give them an antibiotic, but since Allison is taking care of them, its easier to just call a vet. Mucho dollars out of my pocket, but a healthy calf is the most important.

Thursday, June 23

Today is day 2 of the auction and prices have been absolutely crazy. 2 White Dorper ewes sold for $10,000 a piece and the rest were almost as nuts. These sales are all purebred breeding stock sales that producers will come and buy some of the most elite genetics in the country to improve their flocks.

Friday, June 24

Day 3 of the auction. Today is a really big day as we try to move through the rest of the breeds. My throat is getting scratchy and my voice is starting to go. Not good! We still have the biggest day left tomorrow.

Saturday, June 25

Last day and the biggest of the entire auction. We started at 8 and didn’t finish until about 8:30 pm. One producer sold a ram for $20,000, and another individual sold a ewe lamb for $17,500. Today made Thursday’s prices look like child’s play. As soon as the sale was over I hit the road and started East bound for Eaton, Ohio. Hopefully if I drive most of the night I can be there by 9 am for a sheep show.

Sunday, June 26

I made it by 8:30 am and only had to stop and nap a few times. I have a few 4-h kids I sold lambs to that are coming up to show today and I needed to be there to help them shear and fit the lambs as well teach them the art of showmanship, and give pointers on how they can improve on what they’re doing. Some of the kids are really starting to make some progress. Finally home in the evening to do chores, and go crash in my bed. It’s been a long week.







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