Bill & Bev Roe, Pedro's Angus

Diary of Bev Roe – Pedro’s Angus, Week 1- July 1-3, 2011

July 1, 2011, Friday

The morning air always feels refreshing; especially on these hot summer days. We have 2 sweet orphan bull calves that expect their bottle at 6:30 AM. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with Gemini n’ Cricket. These hot days, they also drink a lot of water, even though they are only 10 weeks old.The guys (my husband Bill, herdsman Michael Everett and our nephew, Luke Combs) are greasing and cleaning the hay equipment, fixing flat tires, while the morning dew dries off from the hay. This is the second cutting for this field, and the alfalfa will be our protein source for our weaned bulls and heifer calves this winter.Since the guys are busy with hay, I am blessed to be able to check cows for water, mineral and to write down numbers of any cows that are showing heat. This is important so we can draw up our calendar of when we expect our cows to have their calves, starting in March 2012. We have 6 different groups of cattle, so we use our trusty old John Deere Gator to haul mineral, check fences and check cows. This time of year, we look for pinkeye, an eye bacterial infection spread by flies. If we catch an infected eye early, one treatment will heal the eye.Rain is in the forecast, so we are moving hay after dark. I manage to get our old 1968 Chevy truck stalled on a hill and like a dummy try backing up with 2 hay wagons, getting in a jack knife bind. Messes always happen when you are tired and hurrying. Luckily, the hay is all in the barn by midnight.

July 2, 2011 Saturday

We get our chores done early today because we are going to Indianapolis to see the symphony with life-long friends. It’s our annual reunion with a picnic dinner on the lawn-field at Conner Prairie. Luckily the lettuce is still sweet and tender, but I know it will soon be bitter and tough from the hot weather. Wish I could figure out a way to keep lettuce tasting good all summer. And the asparagus is still producing so it all makes a nice green salad. My city friends always enjoy whatever produce and home-grown meat I bring to our gatherings. We arrive an Conner Prairie at 6 PM and bake in the hot sun for a loooong hour. Lucky for us, we are acclimated to the heat and it is easier for us than the hundreds of others gathered on the lawn. Finally a breeze picks up as the sun goes down. The concert is patriotic and inspiring, honoring the military with live canons firing during the grand finale with the Overture of 1812.  God lights up the sky with a lightening show that is even grander than the fireworks. It has been too many years, since we have enjoyed a concert like this, and we hope to repeat it next year. Bill and I tend to be workaholics, and our social life can get pretty stale. So this weekend helps to recharge our batteries.

Sunday July 3, 2011

Typical Sunday of Chores. Church. Chores. With all this heat and no rain, Bill and I drag out the water hoses and start watering flowers, the vegetable garden and landscaping. Our evening is quiet on the balcony with our neighbor and a glass of wine, watching fireworks popping up all over to the north of us. We guess the sights and sounds are maybe from:  West Elkton, Camden, Somerville and neighborhood parties.

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