Kelli Gerber

Diary of Kelli Gerber – Week 5, June 27-30, 2011

Monday, June 27

This morning I woke up, fed my animals, and then got ready for in car.  I have three days of in car this week, and then next week I can go take the test to get my license.  Today is a two-hour day and then on Wednesday and Thursday I have three-hour days.  In car was a lot of fun and was very interesting.  My instructor that I have was my kindergarten bus driver and she is hilarious.  After in car, my family went and ate lunch at PJ’s and then I came home and unpacked my suitcase.  After I finished unpacking, I washed my steers, fed them and then went to go walk the pigs.  When we were done walking the pigs, I let my steers out, played outside for a little bit with my brother, and then came inside and went to bed.

Tuesday, June 28

This morning I woke up, fed my animals, and then went over to the farm to walk our pigs.  After walking pigs, I went and dropped my sister off to her friend and then drove home. When we got home, my brother and I went over to the farm to help with tearing down the pig barn.  You can finally start to see progress with tearing it down so we were excited.  After that, I fed my steers, washed them, and then let them out.  When I was done with the steers, I went swimming and then came home to go to bed.

Wednesday, June 29

Today, I woke up, fed, and then got ready for in car again.  Today is was my first three-hour day.  It sounds like a long time to just be driving around, but the time flies by.  After in car, I came home to work on my room.  Then it was time for soccer workouts.  When soccer was over, I came home, fed, worked with all of my animals, went swimming, and then went to bed.

Thursday, June 30

I went out and fed my steers this morning and then went to walk the pigs.  After I walked the pigs, it was time to get ready for in car.  Today was my last day and it was a three-hour one.  We got to have fun today because we finished all of the things that they are supposed to teach and tell us.  She took me past a farm that had zebras, albino peacocks, and white swans that swam on their pond.  After driving past the farm, she took me to a house that had a giant statue of the Incredible Hulk on the front porch.  When in car was over, it was time to get ready for another soccer workout.  Workouts were pretty hard today, but we all were fine.  After workouts, I came home to feed, work with all or my animals, and then go to bed.

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