OFBF will help connect consumers to Ohio agriculture at our state fair exhibit.

Meet Ohio Farm Bureau at the fair

Buckeye Farm News

Visit Ohio Farm Bureau this year at the Ohio State Fair, July 27 to Aug. 7, where the organization will be inviting consumers to connect with agriculture at the “Land and Living” exhibit.

Located in the Nationwide Donahey Ag & Hort Building, the exhibit demonstrates agriculture’s link to everyday life. Returning this year, Gus the Giant Squash Carver will carve pumpkins weighing more than 800 pounds. Kids are invited to climb a 30-foot tall corn climbing wall and plant a flower to take home, all free of charge.

Children can also take a ride through the OFBF Country Cruise on a pedal tractor while adults can take a stroll to view facts about Ohio crops, animals and other important areas of Ohio agriculture. Families can also have their picture taken, compliments of OFBF.

Puppies that represent breeds of dogs that have traditionally worked on the farm as well as hatching chicks will be on display. A live webcam will allow those at home to view the animals online.

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