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Welcome to life on the Crout Farm. My name is Michelle, my husband is Dan and we have 3 children. One girl and 2 boys, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter.  Our daughter, Shannon is a doctor in residency in Michigan, our oldest son, Aaron is married (to Jamie) and they have a one year old girl, Hannah.  Aaron is a John Deere tech and his wife, Jamie is an LPN. Our youngest son, Isaac has his own construction company and is in the process of obtaining an engineering degree at Miami. 

Our farm is now going into the 4th generation carrying on many family traditions.  We have primarily been a Holstein dairy for years, milking 60 to 70 cows a day.  But, as our children grew up we have down-sized the dairy and have increased our grain production.  We presently farm 750 acres; 350 acres of corn, 350 acres of soybeans, and 50 acres of hay, and still milk 50 cows.  Aaron and Isaac are primarily involved in spring planting and fall harvest, and Dan and I take care of the daily needs of the dairy. 

In 1990, we began hiring FFA students to help milk at least 5 to 6 nights a week to give us a break.  Doing this, give us the opportunity to get other jobs accomplished.  Most students stay with us for 2 or more years and then off to college they go. 

Since our new addition to the family (our granddaughter) I have been babysitting her since she was 6 weeks old.  I presently watch Hannah on Monday’s and Friday’s, there’s nothing like being a grandparent! I stroll her out to the barn in the morning while I clean the parlor. Then back to the house for breakfast. 

I am responsible for, recording and managing the books and paying the bills such as feed for our dairy, maintenance on all of our dairy and grain equipment and yes, I still do it ole schooled.  Pencil and Paper!  I’m not too techie yet, but it gets the job done. Dan handles all the crop insurance and FSA info, too much for me to understand.  So, it works out well, at least for us. 

I am looking forward to writing to let people know what we do and the hard work and perseverance it takes to not only provide for out family, but a nation.

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