Mike & Suzanne Garver - Garver Family Farm Market

Diary of Mike Garver – Garver Family Farm Market , Week 2, August 8-14, 2011

August 8     

I started my day by letting out our chickens at 6 am.  Then all workers gathered for the days agenda and then we proceeded to pick sweet corn.  I called Trupointe, a seed, chemical and fertilize business, on a credit that for some reason did not show up on this months invoice.  I had to stop by the post office and mail a package and then off to my insurance agent.  We supply several retail businesses with our products including Jungle Jims and Tractor Supply.  The latter business needed an updated copy of our insurance coverage for their records.       

After lunch,  my family and I drove to Fairfield to service our car and take Andy to see the doctor at Fairfield Pediatrics.  Andy’s diagnosis was allergies but our vehicle was a different story.  Took our car in for an oil change and the mechanic found some major things wrong with our vehicle.  We had to leave the vehicle for the day.

August 9      

Started the day bright and early.  Today was one to look forward to because we are  going on a small getaway after our market closes today.

My Son Andy wants to go to Cedar Point for his birthday.  So last minute we scrambled to plan a trip up North.  That is why we had our car serviced. 

Did the usual thing this morning with harvest including corn, cantaloupe, squash , tomatoes and cucumbers.  After the market opened,  I cleaned up our 7430 tractor and washed one of our trucks.  

I planned each days schedule for our workers for each day while we were gone.  There are so many things to think of before one leaves for several days. 

August 10    

Awake at 7am in Bowling Green Ohio.  Had  a nice drive last night except for the construction on 75 in Dayton. 

Andy was really looking forward to his first trip to the roller coaster capitol of the world.  I was never as brave as he is when I was his age.  There is nothing that he will not try, but he was disappointed when I told him that he could not ride Top Thrill Dragster.   I love him to much and have to draw the line somewhere.  Enjoyed the drive to Sandusky.  There is a lot of produce grown in this part of Ohio.  Being able to see acres upon acres of produce growing is a sight to see. Spent the whole day at the point.

August 11     

Continued our venture into Michigan by traveling to Frankenmuth.  We have always wanted to visit Bronner’s Christmas store.  Had a great time.  Everything was going well at our farm and market.  I always carry my phone with me and I periodically check in to make sure thing are running smoothly.

August 12     

Spent more than half the day traveling home from Michigan.  Called ahead to see what was brewing at our market and relieved to find no fires to put out.  Had a nice getaway.

August 13    

Filled a few wholesale orders this morning.  Tough to get back into the groove of things even after only a few days.  First on the list of things to do today is to spray 25 acres of pumpkins.  Have been spraying them every 7 to 10 days since germination, but this spray was for downey mildew.  This fungus can wipe out a crop in a few days if not controlled.  The dewey mornings we have been having is the perfect recipe for such disease.  The crop is looking fairly good. 

Time to close both markets for the day and get ready for my sons birthday party.  Andy is nine years old today.  What a great age.  Time to get ready for the next day.

August 14     

I miss going to church this time of year.  I am making quite a sacrifice.  Filled a few more wholesale orders this morning.  Spent the rest of the morning helping with the market and cleaning around the processing area.  The weather was very nice today.  See you next week







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