Dan & Michelle Crout - Crout Farm

Diary of Michelle Crout – Crout Farm, Week 3, August 15-21, 2011

August  15

Our daughter, Shannon will be traveling back to Michigan today.  It was nice to have her home for a little while. Our daughter-in-law Jamie will take off the next two days, so I will not be watching Hannah. She will be spending time with her daughter for her birthday. Bonding time is precious! We did the usual morning routine then I will be leaving about 10:30 to go to Columbus. The drive to Columbus will take most of my day. Dan is busy working ground for a landlord in order to sow grass seed for them.

August 16

This day I plan on power washing the parlor which will take about 3 hours. Plus some minor touch ups in the milk house. Dan is mowing the last of our 2nd cutting of hay. As long as the weather cooperates, his hope is to be able to bale Wed. afternoon. In order for hay to dry and cure properly, you need some sun and wind to make that happen.

August 17

As I am writing, Dan and our nephew are out baling hay. It took Dan about 3 ½ hours to rake around mid morning. Since the hay is thin due to the shortage of rain, makes small wind rows which Dan doesn’t like. So he rakes doubles and sometimes triples in order to get a good wind row. He wants plenty of hay going through the baler to make solid bales. I would say our bales weigh around 65 pounds each.

August 18

Today Dan will be hauling manure again then mow the rest of the 30 acres of hay. After that, he will travel to Gratis to do some excavating at our other farm. That will take the rest of the day until 4:00 to feed cows.

August 19

Dan is sowing grass seed for himself at another farm that we rent, and that’s about 40 acres. Then back home to rake hay and bale this evening.  It’s going to take the hay some time to dry since it is cloudy.

August 20

Need to make a run to the vets and Dunkelberger’s for some supplies. Dan will probably mow the grass while I pick green beans.

August 21

Today is church and we are planning to eat out and make a trip to Phillipsburg for dairy supplies. It will be a long day on the road but enjoyable. As we traveled, we saw variations of growth in the corn and beans. You could tell who got rain and who didn’t. You didn’t have to travel very far in order to see the difference. We’ve got a few minutes to rest before going to the barn. The hired-hand is off tonight so Dan will be milking. Just got a little bit of rain, hope there is more on the way!

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