WE NEED YOU… and your IDEAS!!

Do you have ideas to benefit agriculture?

Do you want to channel your energy and strengths into an organization that creates synergy with others?

If so, read on…

Membership opens the door to participate in Farm Bureau as much as you desire and in the way the fits into your life. Participating in Farm Bureaus aligns your passion and interest in agriculture with thousands of others across the state. Farm Bureau members can collectively accomplish what no individual can achieve working alone. You know what you enjoy doing and what your strengths are. You know how much time you have to offer. Your participation may include helping with specific tasks or events. Your participation may also include leadership roles. It is a good idea to start small and grow your involvement in and understanding of Farm Bureau. You will get to know a lot of great people, enjoy their camaraderie and make a difference in agriculture.

Contact the Logan Co. Farm Bureau Office at 877-775-7642 and let us know you want to get involved!!


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